IBM Information Server for SAP

Understand. Prepare. Deliver. Govern. From disparate source data to trusted information.

See 360-degrees of data in a single view

Every day, torrents of data engulf your enterprise, overwhelming managers who must sift through it all to glean insights that can help grow revenues and innovate your business. Many companies are plagued with this disconnected, fractional data—a massive and costly sprawl of disparate silos and unconnected, redundant systems that fail to deliver the desired single view of the business.

An SAP infrastructure is a flexible, best-practice enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that offers improved automation, reduced administration and enhanced business intelligence capabilities. But SAP has specific needs to optimize performance, and paramount among them is trusted information.

IBM Information Server for SAP can help you aggregate and transform all that myriad data into a powerful source for innovation. Information Server can help you: