Supporting SAP with a complex IT landscape can be costly—in terms of money, service degradation and lost efficiency. IT simplification can help avoid these issues.

Over time, many SAP systems have grown into complex, expensive and difficult to maintain landscapes. Companies today need to align their IT infrastructure to better support service delivery, but in many cases their existing technology has become an inhibitor—not an enabler—of flexibility. Their challenge is to reduce the cost of IT while enhancing their system’s ability to serve the business. The answer? A simplified, yet dynamic, infrastructure.

IBM infrastructure solutions for SAP provide a comprehensive architecture to simplify your SAP IT infrastructure to achieve savings in the areas of technology acquisition, management, maintenance and operations. The architecture is designed to improve performance and deliver the business flexibility you need, while taking advantage of the technology investments in SAP that you’ve already made. IT simplification, enabled by IBM, can result in:

But where do you start? IBM offers proven services to help optimize your SAP landscape to keep your business running at peak performance.

In addition, IBM offers a range of products and solutions to help you simplify your IT infrastructure:

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