IBM DB2 for Linux, Unix and Windows enhances performance for SAP solutions

Wondering about databases for SAP Solutions? IBM's fastest, simplest and most reliable database just got better.

Worried about the cost of system downtime? IBM DB2 pureScale takes business continuity to a whole new level with superior availability, scalability and disaster recovery—all in one.

Around the clock availability

System downtime can cost your company millions in lost revenue and productivity. To ensure business continuity, your infrastructure must provide both high availability to support mission-critical functions and high efficiency to reduce system overhead and downtime. In other words, you need to be able to scale system performance to the workload and minimize the impact of outages in real time.

IBM® DB2® pureScale® takes business continuity to a whole new level with improved availability and enhanced disaster recovery capabilities. It can reduce the cost and risk of planned or unplanned outages with transparent online maintenance that mitigates the impact of infrastructure failures caused by a server or component. The DB2 application clustering technology delivers high availability and transparent scalability beyond 100 nodes1, enabling continuous processing no matter how large the workload. With DB2 10.5, you gain even more opportunities to increase performance and reduce total cost of ownership, making DB2 pureScale a disaster recovery powerhouse.

“The three main factors in managing our SAP environment are performance, availability and total cost of ownership – and DB2 PureScale seems to us to be the best solution from every angle.” Barbara Snapp
Director, Infrastructure Solution Architect Sealed Air Corporation2


Data compression and storage optimization

Among the many data compression techniques used by DB2 to reduce storage requirements, adaptive compression is reported by DB2 customers to save at least seven times more space than without data compression.3 The new DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration turbo-charges compression efficiency with up to ten times more storage savings.4 It does this by delivering superior performance that is ready to use. No SQL or schema changes are required for implementation and no database tuning, indexes and aggregates are necessary either. This innovation reduces main memory and I/O requirements, resulting in improved performance and faster processes, —all major contributions to green IT.

“Ten times. That’s how much smaller our tables are with BLU Acceleration. Moreover, I don’t have to create indexes or aggregates, or partition the data, among other things. When I take that into account in our mixed table-type environment, that number becomes 10 to 25 times.” —Andrew Juarez, Lead SAP Basis and DBA, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated