IBM DB2 for Linux, Unix and Windows enhances performance for SAP solutions

Wondering about databases for SAP Solutions? IBM's fastest, simplest and most reliable database just got better.

Looking for the database for SAP that will best support your organization? IBM DB2 offers the widest choice of platforms and provides tight integration, accelerated performance and reliability.

Why should IBM DB2 be your SAP database?

You rely on your SAP database and application landscape to support your core processes, so when it comes to performance and reliability, you mean business. From enterprise planning to customer relationship management, to logistics, analytics and fulfillment, your SAP solutions need to run on a high-performance, cost-effective database platform. Your organization must fulfill its service level agreements and streamline operations—while providing a foundation for future growth. IBM® DB2® database servers can deliver on all fronts.

IBM DB2 optimized for SAP software

IBM and SAP have a long history of collaborating to ensure total interoperability between DB2 and SAP solutions. When you deploy an IBM server or software solution, you gain access to a vast range of powerful yet flexible features, functions and options that not only provide superior performance, but reduce your overall total cost of ownership. In fact, not only is DB2 one-third of the cost of the Oracle database1—it can increase performance by twenty to forty percent. 2,3

IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Microsoft Windows

DB2 provides critical benefits such as accelerated performance, proven reliability and tight integration with SAP software—so tight that DB2 is shipped with SAP applications as one product. And DB2 is the only SAP-supported database available on all SAP-supported hardware environments, including Linux, Microsoft Windows, UNIX, IBM System i® and IBM System z®. This flexibility lets you choose the infrastructure that best fits your business needs. Concerned about interoperability? DB2 provides a wide range of support for servers, storage and virtualization technology for SAP deployments. So whatever configuration you choose to support your SAP database, DB2 can help drive a better ROI.

IBM DB2 10.5—the next step for IBM

The new DB2 10.5 is SAP-certified and delivers unparalleled speed, simplicity and quality of service to your SAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse solutions. Built to lower operational costs, simplify development and improve reliability, this release is designed to help you save time and money—and enable outstanding performance. The constant refinement of DB2 helps ensure that customers benefit from the latest technological developments from both companies.