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Business critical applications from SAP and other solution providers are the life line of many organizations and are continuously evolving in tune with the advancements in technology and business requirements.

Now consider that CIO's and business leaders believe that big data, cloud and mobility are the 3 most critical technologies to address today's business challenges. 1 These technologies are being used to build out new solutions to extend the value and function of core business. As a consequence, IT environments are becoming much more complex, more diverse, delivered across multiple form factors … and they are becoming even more interconnected and interdependent.

In order to deliver on the full potential of the applications and their underlying infrastructure, organizations are turning to centralized management solutions that govern multiple domains, instead of relying solely on domain-specific management tools – essentially a “manager of managers.” Given such solutions, it then becomes much simpler and faster to ensure that the applications and the associated infrastructure are, in fact, meeting service levels and fulfilling business goals. Complexity is significantly reduced while performance and availability is maximized across the heterogeneous landscape.

IBM Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure Software Solutions are tuned to provide the right level of visibility, control and automation across your sophisticated SAP landscape. These solutions provide a single control point to manage and monitor SAP and non-SAP applications (and their underlying infrastructure) including governance of SAP environment practices, data integration with SAP Solution Manager and other tools. The result is a comprehensive management system that significantly increases staff productivity, availability and application performance across the IT environment.

1Source: 2011 IBM CIO Study of more than 3,000 CIO's


Maximize SAP application performance for improved business outcomes


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