Extend the value of your SAP® applications and lower your overall ownership costs. Optimize performance throughout your organization.

IBM Cognos 10 helps you realize a greater return on your investments in SAP®R/3, ECC®, SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse (BW) and the SAP NetWeaver technology platform, with faster access to all the data your users need. Cognos 10 provides superior performance management capabilities, including:

The Cognos platform provides the flexibility IT departments need to meet current and future requirements. Key architectural elements of Cognos software include:

Cognos software helps you get more out of your current SAP applications, while remaining easy to use with a single interface for all users. You can increase business efficiency throughout the organization by:

Cognos 10 helps IT teams improve efficiency and lower the overall costs of performance management with:

IBM Cognos 10 helps you realize a higher return on investment and lower total cost of ownership by reducing the number of tools and duplicate content to maintain, for lower training requirements and IT authoring backlog. It also reduces the need for costly, specialized SAP IT skills.