IBM E-Business Suite General Manufacturing & Service Solution

for Oracle Accelerate

The IBM E-Business Suite General Manufacturing & Service Solution for Oracle Accelerate is based on Oracle Business Accelerators, and is designed for businesses of any size. It contains standard business flows and leading industry practices for discrete manufacturers and service companies, but can be easily adapted for non-manufacturers and service industries. It is designed to streamline business processes and manage the business around an integrated base of information. Using Oracle Business Accelerators (OBAs) and IBM’s proven methodology, a CRP1 testing instance can be produced in the first 6-8 weeks of the project. Validation of key design decisions, configurations and proof of concept can begin in a matter of weeks.

Business Flows: The E-Business Suite solution delivers a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of business applications including Financials, Projects, Maintenance, Distribution, Discrete Manufacturing and Sales & Service. The solution includes 62 business flows and 60 Oracle products delivered with pre-tested business flows and flow scripts, reducing testing and validation requirements.

New Products in R12:

New features include LIFO and FIFO costing, procurement contract management, landed cost management, buy/sell subcontracting service parts planning, service costing and profitability, supplier payment control (pay when paid), human capital management performance and learning management.

IBM has developed additional accelerating enhancements for this solution including design workshop master documents, a customer interview questionnaire to quickly capture key configuration data, and a comprehensive OBA Excel-based toolkit. The IBM toolkit captures and integrates design decisions across modules. The IBM OBA Certified Center of Excellence guides each project to the successful creation of the integrated OBA EBS instance. The Center of Excellence team has experience implementing this solution in both smaller, local businesses and large, multi-national organizations. IBM hosts the creation of the OBA EBS instance, allowing the project to begin without customer hardware in place. IBM can also provide temporary hosting of your CRP testing instance if needed.

The solution can also be used for re-implementation upgrades from Oracle release 11i to R12. Re-implementation, or transformational upgrades are often the best choice for companies that have grown through acquisition and need an organizational design change, need to re-design their Chart of Accounts, or require major standardized business process change. IBM has developed over 200 key data and configuration extraction scripts (VCOQ) that are applied against the existing 11i instance. The project team can quickly review existing data and design to decide what to bring forward into the R12 environment, saving days or weeks of effort.

Key business flows available include:

The IBM Industrial Manufacturing and Services Accelerate Solution is designed for businesses of any size and is available in fixed scope for the base EBS solution, or can be expanded and adjusted depending upon customer requirements. The solution can include hardware, software, extended support, and financing. Please inquire for specific pricing.