IBM offers a proven infrastructure environment for your Oracle database

Lower operating costs. Improved service delivery. Enhanced environmental stewardship. These are just a few of the benefits Oracle database users gain using an IBM infrastructure.

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Has your database become so large and complex that its performance is inhibiting your company’s ability to reach its business goals? Are costs too high? Do you have a data privacy strategy in place? Are you facing challenges in supporting audit and compliance requirements? Choosing the right infrastructure technology and applications to support your Oracle database can help you address these issues and more.

Oracle database customers are finding that using IBM technology can help:

The technology choices you make to support your Oracle database can help your company meet the challenges of today—and those in the future. From servers to storage to software to services, IBM has the solutions you need to build a more effective data management infrastructure that is scalable, reliable and supports your evolving business needs.

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IBM also provides a service to gauge your current Oracle database utilization. The first step is to capture information using IBM Insight for Databases, a Microsoft Windows-based relational database system and performance statistics collector designed to have minimal impact on production database environments. When the collection process is complete, a report is compiled detailing how your production database is currently utilized. The report includes information on active users, workload, wait time, database CPU consumption as a percentage of capacity, logical I/O, physical I/O, and network I/O by time of day, and other parameters.