As supply chain leaders strive to make their supply chains more transparent, responsive and flexible, they seek solutions to create visibility and make better decisions. In an effort to understand what is driving IT leadership, IBM interviewed 3,018 CIOs, spanning 71 countries and 18 industries as part of IBM’s 2011 Global CIO Study. Perhaps the most useful insight to emerge from this study, however, is not what makes CIOs the same, but what makes them different. The differences lie in their organizations’ business needs and goals, and how CIOs can achieve those goals by leveraging business and information technology.

IBM has further analyzed results of the CIO survey to identify ways in which Oracle customers can leverage their application portfolio to improve supply chain operations. “The Essential CIO: Delivering Corporate Mandates Through Supply Chain Transformation With Oracle” report provides insights into how CIOs approach IT leadership based on their specific organizational needs. The report identifies four distinct “Mandates” that successful CIOs follow when evaluating and optimizing their supply chain: Expand, Leverage, Transform, and Mandate.

Download the full report to fully understand the four mandates and how CIOs and supply chain leaders are applying these mandates to transform their supply chain.

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For more insights into the role of the CIO, download the 2011 IBM Global CIO Study.

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