Making Oracle efficient in the enterprise

Enterprise Oracle customers require a more responsive IT system that also offers data and application consolidation to provide savings and the ability to rapidly deploy new services.

Realize savings …

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Consider the challenges your data
center poses to your bottom line: from electrical power consumed to growing physical space demands due to server sprawl. Implementing Oracle on zEnterprise® can help.

Reduce footprint and energy consumption

By consolidating operations to a single machine, power and space issues can be addressed economically.

Massive cost savings

zEnterprise can reduce technology acquisition and operating costs by up to 70%.1

Learn how zEnterprise allows for database simplification, consolidation
and cost

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As you look to flexibly and efficiently deploy new services in a timely manner, an optimized and adaptive infrastructure is key.


Oracle on zEnterprise operations are optimized for specific workloads to drive greater performance and improve IT economics.


A highly adaptable fully virtualized resource pool enables the rapid and cost effective deployment of new services.

Focus on the future…

Your need to scale quickly in response to growth and changing demand has never been greater. The choices you make today will affect your ability to remain responsive down the line.

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Compare the benefits
of virtualization
across server

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Oracle on zEnterprise provides...

Unsurpassed Scalability

zEnterprise provides the flexible infrastructure to dynamically respond to today’s increasing and changing business demands and to scale for the future.

Low cost of growth

For further consolidation and improved manageability of data growth, zEnterprise enables additional virtual servers to be deployed quickly and efficiently. Achieve nearly 100% utilization of system resources nearly 100% of the time.2

Experience peace of mind...

As you manage highly sensitive data, seek to reduce risk and ensure compliance, you're betting your business on the IT choices you make.

IBM zEnterprise provides...

Did you know, zEnterprise experiences less than
1% of the security
incursions seen on
other architectures?

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Unparalleled availability

Managed with Cloud Technologies, zEnterprise offers unmatched availability for global operations, critical to meeting core business processes that are needed 24/7.

Extreme reliability

Reliability of zEnterprise equates to fewer unplanned or planned outages.

Highest levels of security

zEnterprise is the Industry's most trusted infrastructure and the only commercial platform that boasts EAL5+ security certification. If your business can't risk a security breach, explore zEnterprise.

Our relationship with Oracle is key

Over 170 IBM Oracle
Alliance professionals
for worldwide sales
and technical

porting resources
make Oracle technology
infrastructure current and
complete for Linux®
on System z.

Oracle and IBM have aligned technical support organizations to simplify problem resolution.

Dedicated Oracle for System z team in Oracle Support.

Collateral covering Oracle on System z topics and issues.

Thousands of consultants with extensive expertise implementing Oracle projects.

Industry-leading 20 plus years of successful Oracle implementations.

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