The power of choice...

Some Oracle workloads run better on Unix, some on Linux and still others on Windows. Now you can choose to consolidate Unix, IBM i, Linux and Windows environments into a single physical system with multiple nodes and integrated storage and networking. Simplify management, enhance end-user experience and lower costs.

Here's how running Oracle on the IBM PureFlex System™ can help:

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Reduce IT footprint and drive efficiency

Physical integration saves data center space and uses less energy. The integrated architecture reduces the need for multiple systems management and maintenance. Run all of your Oracle products, simply and economically.

Massive cost savings

A simplified configuration and fast deployment across your existing infrastructure eats up less of your time and budget. With lower acquisition costs, less maintenance, seamless integration, and simplified deployment, the savings are dramatic.


A single cohesive design includes storage integration at a whole new level. And because you can easily access the critical database, the result is improved real-time performance.

Control and agility

The integrated console gives you a single vantage point across all aspects of your infrastructure. As the PureFlex System was “born virtualized,” you can easily control virtualized resources, enable cloud computing, and automate provisioning.

Optimize application performance...

Improve service level response times, enhance end-user satisfaction and lower costs with virtualization, enhanced management tools and accurate sizing. New Virtual Appliances can be created and deployed in 10 minutes or less.

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That's why the IBM PureFlex System delivers:

Unsurpassed integration

Deep integration of compute, storage, and networking resources across your existing infrastructure means you can deploy in hours, not days.

Simplified experience

The PureFlex System accelerates your day-to-day activities and optimizes your configurations to speed the purchase, deployment, and time to value of your solution.

Lower risk, accelerate cloud, improve time to value...

Adhering to planned budget levels, getting systems up and running when needed, and implementing a smooth running platform with little downtime and complaints are key customer satisfaction criteria. Increasingly, customers express concern about risk - including the reliability and stability of the platform - and security of their IT infrastructure. The costs of unplanned downtime and security breaches can be significant.

The PureFlex System reliably provides flexible, real-life benefits:

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Unsurpassed scalability

Scalability and headroom are built-in, for elastic workload management services that meet your changing demands.

Unparalleled expertise

Expertise has been built-in and automated, improving your service levels and simplifying your operations.

Extreme reliability

Unexpected peaks in demand can cause costly downtime, but the PureFlex System can anticipate and handle peak workloads without an impact on your operations.

True cloud capability

The PureFlex System is virtualized to offer extraordinary agility, to make your system ready for cloud computing.

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