Enabling Oracle solutions on cloud with IBM makes sense

Escalating business requirements continue to drive you to pursue ways to take costs out of your existing computing infrastructure and shorten deployment of services to business units.

IBM is the only vendor in the Enterprise Cloud marketplace that provides a full life cycle standards based cloud management platform across Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Environments.

Streamline, simplify and drive down costs by building a more efficient IT infrastructure…

Businesses of every size are embracing cloud technologies. While much attention has been paid to cloud’s technological capabilities, you know that cloud adoption can drive real benefits on the business side.

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Cost Flexibility

By shifting hard to forecast IT capital expenses to routine IT operating expenses, cloud's "pay as you go" cost structure is a real benefit to your bottom line.

Self Service

Cut high IT admin costs by leveraging built in automation in product deployment without straining your IT staff’s current skill set.

While creating the flexibility for growth...

As you look to flexibly and efficiently deploy new services in a timely manner, an optimized and adaptive infrastructure is key. Here’s how cloud helps you achieve those goals.

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Rapid provisioning through cloud resources without scale limitations can allow you to grow and expand without having to support a larger data center footprint to meet that growth.


A highly adaptable fully virtualized resource pool enables the rapid and cost effective deployment of new services.

Market adaptability

With the explosion of new consumer devices and other means of customer contact, you need to be more nimble than ever when adjusting to market demands. Cloud allows for rapid adjustments, speeding innovation and time to market.

And increasing connections with customers and business partners…

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, cloud gives you the tools to create rich connections with customers and partners and helps you stay connected.

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Hide complexity

End users don’t need to be burdened with the complexities of your operations. By masking complexity, cloud can both raise customer awareness of your products and services without forcing them to participate during upgrades and maintenance.

External collaboration and connectivity

Cloud can bring together disparate groups of people, both customers and your external partners. This ability to connect and collaborate can drive improvements in productivity and innovation.

Enduring customer relationships

With the cost efficiencies of cloud, you are able to analyze data from your customers to give them richer, more targeted experiences. This can equate to longer, more enduring relationships.

This extends to your relationship with us:

Migration and Integration

Our expertise in migrating IT and applications in our standards based cloud architecture leads to seamless transitions as you move to cloud.

Our relationship with Oracle is key

Over 170 IBM Oracle
Alliance professionals
for worldwide sales
and technical

Oracle and IBM have aligned technical support organizations to simplify problem resolution.

focused centers
of expertise support
customers and Business
Partners in Europe, the
Middle East, Africa,
and Japan.

The IBM Oracle International Competency Center (ICC) has expertise to support customers and business partners.

Thousands of consultants with extensive expertise implementing Oracle projects.

Industry-leading 20 plus years of successful Oracle implementations, with more than 5,500 major Oracle deployment projects.

IBM Global Business Services (GBS) is an Oracle Diamond level partner and can help ensure your private cloud implementation is a success.

For more information on private cloud offerings, please contact ibmoracle@us.ibm.com