Solutions: IBM Tivoli and Oracle

IBM Tivoli IT Services Management for Oracle applications

Application performance, availability and resilience

Oracle applications must be capable of seamless integration with products from numerous other vendors to retain full value within a service-oriented business. Integrated Service Management solutions from Tivoli® can help you improve operational effectiveness through IT process innovation and integration. With solutions targeting virtually every area of IT concern, Tivoli service management products can help Oracle customers deliver fluid, end-to-end services that support improved performance, availability and resilience—while helping cut IT cost and effort.

IBM Tivoli solutions help you see and understand your business infrastructure in real time. Tivoli helps users to manage, monitor and control even the most complex and sophisticated Oracle landscape, based around the three principles of Visibility, Control and Automation (VCA).

Visibility: Delivers targeted business, compliance, and operational dashboards that provide real-time information to monitor performance against objectives. Tivoli provides visibility of the entire IT landscape and providing a single point of control for applications.

Control: Offers integrated management solutions that help discover and utilize assets to the fullest possible extent. Tools for managing security, service requests, incident and problem reports, and usage and accounting management are part of a complete control solution.

Automation: Enables organizations to build agility into their operations in key areas such as software provisioning and data backup and restore processes, requiring as little direct supervision as is organizationally appropriate. IBM Tivoli offers a comprehensive suite of automation products designed to help implement end-to-end automation for complex processes that span numerous environments, operating systems, applications and middleware.

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