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z and Oracle

Highly available, flexible and security-rich to virtualize enterprise data centers
The deployment of more and more distributed servers often results in a level of complexity that is unmanageable and increasingly expensive. Together, IBM and Oracle have provided a dynamic, integrated and automated virtualized data center environment designed to optimize business agility and efficiency, while reducing technology sprawl. Consolidating multiple servers onto a single IBM® System z® server running multiple virtual Linux® servers can reduce system management and maintenance requirements. Advanced virtualization, intelligent workload management, the unique ability to support diverse workloads concurrently, high levels of security and intelligent recovery capabilities make System z platforms the ideal choice to host Oracle solutions and serve as a hub for the IT infrastructure.

System z environments share resources and direct them, according to user-defined policies, virtually and dynamically whenever and wherever they are needed. A highly efficient and security-rich network called IBM HiperSockets™ is built into System z servers, providing additional security and requiring less external networking hardware and software. The result is a system designed to deliver reliability, availability and scalability, while simplifying the IT infrastructure, consolidating workloads, protecting data, minimizing downtime and reducing data loss. Linux on System z can help you build a simplified and unified IT infrastructure for your Oracle solutions.

We have solution centers around the world where teams of Oracle and IBM experts work together to provide design, development, testing, technical support and education to support your Oracle solutions running on System z. These resources are provided to help ensure your solution performance and provide training to your IT staff.

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