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Discover the new possible with Oracle and IBM z Systems

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The deployment of more and more distributed servers often results in a level of complexity that is unmanageable and increasingly expensive. Together, IBM and Oracle have provided a flexible, integrated and automated virtualized data center environment designed to optimize business agility and efficiency, while reducing complexity.

Today, enterprises require a trusted IT infrastructure that is dynamic, scalable and flexible enough to support both mission-critical work and the development and deployment of new workloads. This infrastructure must help decision makers to use data, a company’s most valuable asset, with insight rather than hindsight, and assist in using IT to gain a competitive edge.

The IBM® z13TM, the newest member of the IBM z SystemsTM family, can deliver advanced performance, security, resiliency, availability and virtualization to provide high levels of qualities of service. Designed for larger enterprises, the z13 offers massive scalability for secure data serving, high-volume transaction processing and large-scale consolidation.

The z13 features 22 nm processor technology and supports simultaneous multi-threading for Linux® and Java TM workloads. It helps deliver outstanding transaction processing and data serving performance. The z13 offers excellent economies of scale, supporting up to 141 configurable cores and more efficient use of critical data. Coupled with up to 10 TB of memory, the z13 is ideally suited for consolidating large-scale distributed environments and the introduction of new in-memory workloads.

The IBM zEnterprise® BC12 (zBC12) is designed as an entry-level enterprise server for any growing business that is looking to use z Systems technologies, qualities of service, flexibility and performance.

As environmental concerns raise the focus on energy consumption, the z13 and zBC12 can promote energy efficiency. Their design helps to dramatically reduce energy consumption and save floor space by consolidating workloads into a simpler, more manageable and efficient IT infrastructure.

Linux and IBM z Systems

While “Linux is Linux”, a Linux infrastructure on z Systems provides a secure, available, and scalable enterprise grade Linux environment. It combines the advantages of the z Systems platform and leading IBM z/VM® and IBM Wave virtualization technologies with the flexibility and open standards of the Linux operating system for deploying and consolidating Oracle workloads.

IBM z13 virtualization technology

During spikes in demand, the z13 platform can quickly redistribute system resources and scale up, scale out, or both in a way that can make the difference between flawless execution or costly, slow response times and system crashes.

You can further improve the virtualization management capabilities of Linux and z/VM by using the intelligent visualization, simplified monitoring, and unified management features of IBM Wave for z/VM. This product is designed to help simplify everyday administrative and configuration tasks and to help you transform your Linux environment to a virtualized private cloud.

An enterprise-grade Linux infrastructure on z13 and zBC12 is designed to bring unique business value in the areas of operational efficiency, scalability, autonomic workload management, reliability, business continuance and security.

We have solution centers around the world where teams of Oracle and IBM experts work together to provide design, development, testing, technical support and education to support your Oracle solutions running on z Systems. These resources are provided to help ensure your solution performance and provide training to your IT staff.










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