Oracle CRM and IBM

There used to be only a few essential customer touch points: face-to-face through the sales force, the call center, and retail or remote locations. Now there are literally thousands of customer touch points across a company’s brands, products, services and channels -- from retail locations to digital storefronts, email to mobile connections, call centers to sales channels. The proliferation of channels makes it more difficult to listen and engage with each customer, much less apply what you discover to evolve your brands, services, products and marketing campaigns.

IBM and Oracle can help you identify the best way to use Oracle’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology to redefine the way you interact with your customers, increase trust and improve the customer experience.

IBM is a leading provider of CRM solutions and by teaming with Oracle we offer an unparalleled set of solutions that enable information-driven sales, service and marketing for your business. We select and deploy the solution or combination of solutions that is right for your marketing, sales, service and support needs, allowing you to:

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