Solutions: IBM Rational Software and Oracle

IBM Rational Software: Managing your Oracle applications development

Rational software governs the development lifecycle

IBM Rational® Software offers a complete platform for governing software and systems development in an on demand world. From use case and requirements oversight, to change and configuration management, to design and construction, the Rational platform is designed to help you manage your entire application portfolio through the development lifecycle.

Business requirements for your Oracle infrastructure, the code itself and the data that support the applications must be carefully managed from concept to end of life. Rational software can help you specify, build, maintain and modify your Oracle applications so that they continue to serve your business—even as you respond to changing market conditions. The Rational software portfolio integrates well with your Oracle systems, giving you a complete system to help your Oracle infrastructure keep pace with your changing business.

Your Oracle infrastructure must adhere to compliance mandates, adapt to competitive pressures, and satisfy technology-savvy customers. You need the ability to quickly analyze and respond to constantly changing conditions both within and outside your organization to avoid software development project delays, budget overruns and failures. IBM Rational solutions can help you meet these business imperatives.

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