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According to the 2010 Global IBM CFO Study, in order to thrive today, companies must derive critical insights from financial and operational data to support better business decisions and improve performance. Focusing on performance management and analytics can help move your business toward becoming a more empowered, knowledgeable and nimble organisation with an analytics-driven mindset. IBM and Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) can deliver value for your organisation through the design and implementation of core processes and technologies that support this transition.

IBM is recognised as a leading EPM and business intelligence (BI) integrator, and can tailor Oracle EPM solutions for your organisation's specific business needs. We can help optimise your business performance through our expertise in performance management and analytics processes, as well as our extensive knowledge of data models and market-leading transactional systems. Oracle EPM offerings, which have established the company as a leader in performance management and analytics software, provide an effective approach for managing mission-critical processes by integrating strategy, planning and execution into a single seamless process. The use of EPM can propel your organisation from reliance on spreadsheets and point solutions toward becoming a more flexible, agile and intelligence-driven organisation.

Together, IBM and Oracle can help you garner more value from the systems and information that are spread throughout your organisation. We can help you reduce risk, lower costs and improve performance by:

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