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A Collaborative Community of Leaders: Cloud Computing in Education

A unique opportunity for education

When your school or university is ready to get started, IBM has tested technology and several solutions to offer, and a wide range of services available to help you make the transition. Based on best practices and the experience IBM has had with cloud computing across both K-12 and Higher Education, as well as in many other public sector and commercial environments, IBM can help you through all the phases of migration; including planning, preparation, testing, deployment, cloud extension and overall transformation.

Here are some solution entry-points for IBM Cloud Computing in Education to consider.

IBM Cloud Computing: A Continuum with three main types of Clouds

Cloud computing with IBM can be anywhere along a continuum that has three types of IT delivery models; services can be delivered by private clouds, public clouds and hybrid combinations of the two. These multiple clouds are fully integrated and co-exist, offering users a single interface to access to different departments, schools or institutions. Private clouds service an institution's traditional IT enterprise and can be operated on the campus or by a third party. Public clouds can span campuses and regions, offering a hub environment for access to each other's libraries, databases or applications, enabling public dialogue and collaboration. Hybrid clouds can incorporate features of both private and public clouds.

Let IBM do the legwork: Hosted services

By hosting cloud services optimized for workloads, IBM helps academic institutions save on IT management costs. This frees administrators to focus on their area of expertise – running a distinguished school that educates students.

While cloud computing enables community discussions, IBM security solutions ensure data and systems stay safe. They secure the integrity of the cloud – no matter how many uses have access to it or how much traffic it sees – with a variety of powerful IBM security options.

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