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A Collaborative Community of Leaders: Cloud Computing in Education

For educational institutions, the mandate is clear: Reduce costs and optimize services while making information available and secure whenever and wherever it's needed.

Consolidate resources. Improve student success. Accelerate scientific discoveries. Add administrative efficiencies. Conserve resources. These are among the challenges that cloud computing can help schools and universities address, and that shape the agenda of the IBM Cloud Academy.

The IBM Cloud Academy mission

The mission of the IBM Cloud Academy is to provide an organization for K-12 schools and higher education institutions that are actively integrating cloud technologies into their infrastructures to share best practices in the use of clouds and to collaborate with partners to create innovative cloud technologies and models.

Why become a member

Implementing cloud computing puts your institution in a league of excellent colleagues. The IBM Cloud Academy connects you with other K-12 and higher education leaders who are integrating cloud technologies and solutions into their institutions' infrastructures. By encouraging collaboration among IBM researchers, developers, IT architects and schools, the IBM Cloud Academy includes participating institutions in a community that helps maximize the benefits of cloud computing investments.

What we do

By providing a forum for the exchange of best practices, the IBM Cloud Academy is helping member institutions to accelerate the successful deployment of cloud computing models that significantly enhance teaching and learning, administration and research at the university level. Since it was first announced at EDUCAUSE in November of 2009, the IBM Cloud Academy members have been working collaboratively to:

Membership benefits

Why should your academic institution consider joining the IBM Cloud Academy? Because it helps you get more from your cloud investment with IBM. The IBM Cloud Academy is a forum for exchanging and developing ideas that helps you elevate your cloud to its fullest potential.

The following are six key benefits of membership:

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