Remote Expert solution from IBM and Cisco

The challenge

The personal touch still means something

Technological innovations, such as ATMs and smartphones, along with real estate and staffing costs make a compelling argument for moving away from traditional bank branches. But this can create barriers to new business by removing personal contact. Branches still have a role to play in the banking experience because face-to-face interactions are an extremely effective manner of growing market share and maintaining client loyalty.

The solution

Old fashioned customer service, 21st century style

Customers still prefer to conduct business at a bank branch1 and with the Remote Expert solution from IBM and Cisco it is possible to have a virtual team of banking experts at every branch. The Remote Expert solution enables a familiar, personal experience—an actual conversation—so your customers can have face-to-face meetings with qualified professionals who can be located almost anywhere.

Beyond simple video conferencing, the Remote Expert solution allows the customer to work directly with the person best able to assist them, resulting in an enhanced customer experience and greater satisfaction. Now, each bank branch can offer advanced services and increase revenue opportunities thanks to integrated access to customer information and bank systems in a style preferred by the customer.

The benefits

Make your customers and staff less remote

The Remote Expert solution consists of an interlinked set of Cisco and IBM hardware and software technologies that help set your institution apart in a highly connected, customer-focused business environment. With the Remote Expert solution, you can:

The alliance partnership

Two companies, one solution

IBM and Cisco, longtime solution providers to the financial services sector and other industries, share a strong relationship marked by complementary offerings and skills. IBM brings a thorough understanding of the specific business and technology issues faced by the financial sector, along with the associated industry process knowledge. And Cisco provides networking products and expertise that improve the services banks offer customers, while helping manage costs. This combination of leading technology and proven expertise in industry solutions and business transformation, come together to encourage positive change for clients around the world.

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