Digital hospital solution from IBM and Cisco

The challenge: Designing a smarter digital hospital

In almost every country there is more demand for healthcare than can be met in a timely and effective manner. Hospitals are under extreme pressure to care for more patients in less time without adding to their cost structure. A digital hospital enables improvement in quality of patient care and productivity of the medical staff. It also streamlines the operations and cost structure of the organization. A medical-grade network is the foundation for building a digital hospital, for it applies information and communications technologies (ICT) to all aspects of care delivery and administration.

The solution: Visiting a smarter hospital—an integrated experience

With a digital hospital solution from IBM and Cisco, healthcare organizations can integrate ICT technologies that address availability, flexibility, interoperability, productivity and security throughout a hospital for patient care and safety, regulatory compliance and operational purposes. For instance, as a patient arrives at the ER, a sensor tag can be created that will track when the patient is attended, what drugs are administered, and what support resources are available. Doctors and nurses can have immediate access to information at the point of care with patients. A digital hospital can also track compliance of quality standards such as hand washing as well as temperature readings for blood banks and medications. The presence and location of staff and patients can be visible throughout the hospital, and alerts will notify staff and security of any inappropriate access to zoned areas. From an asset management and operational perspective, this solution can help locate equipment quickly, automate supply replenishment and create work orders for maintenance.

The benefits: State-of-the-art network facilitates patient care

By implementing the digital hospital solution, your medical facility can accelerate the pace of moving more patients through the system with a higher level of care and safety while maintaining the same size hospital and staff. We do this by helping you:

The alliance partnership: An innovative relationship, world class technology

Why IBM and Cisco? Many healthcare organizations are preparing for a future system where most clinical applications will be running off a digital hospital infrastructure. From electronic medical records and medical imaging, to location awareness, patient, staff and asset tracking, automated workflows and digital communications, we will help you build a medical grade network foundation that can lower operating costs for existing hospitals and capital costs for new hospitals. IBM and Cisco understand the complexities of hospital workflows, and we have great expertise in building the applications such as supply chain, computerized physician order entry (CPOE), real-time location services (RTLS), each of which will leverage the medical grade network. IBM has a global healthcare practice with exceptional knowledge of healthcare IT. Our digital hospital solution includes reference and integration architectures which can reduce risk, accelerate development and align business strategy.

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