Workforce mobility for government from IBM and Cisco

Executive summary

The goal - Serve your community well

Stimulate economic growth. Meet the demands of your citizens. Enhance workforce mobility to increase productivity, speed responsiveness, and improve communications between government functions, regardless of location. IBM and Cisco have partnered to provide governments with a comprehensive solution to help reduce complexity and offer the investment protection of a standards-based, modular foundation in a single converged network.

The advantage - Workforce mobility in action

With information available almost instantly for download, mobile workers with wireless access can answer questions faster, enter data and complete tasks right from the field such as duties related to property taxes, fees, assessments, inspections, boundary lines and more. Whether you decide on a point-to-point solution or city-wide broadband workforce mobility for government helps keep your field workers on the front lines longer, where they are more productive. And when your field agents are more responsive your citizens and businesses reap the benefits of instant gratification.

The benefits - Increasing productivity through workforce mobility

Provide government services when and where they are needed through workforce mobility.

Business view

The goal - Tools for instant communication and response

Widen your agency's reach. Sharpen your effectiveness in providing citizen services. Empower case workers with critical data, on the spot. Monitor assets and control points more effectively. Workforce mobility for government can help your agency work more efficiently, respond faster and mitigate risks earlier by giving field agents tools to for near instant communication and access to the information they need the moment they need it.

The advantage - Partners in innovation—helping you protect the public

IBM and Cisco have an established partnership with some of the highest levels of expertise to advise and implement complex customer environments with ease. Our proven and tested solutions accelerate market-leading innovation.

The benefits - Workforce mobility for better constituent services

Address aggressive economic growth, rapid emergency response and communication across urban and rural areas with workforce mobility for government from IBM and Cisco.

The approach - Successful county implementation

A county in Idaho teamed with IBM and Cisco to deliver a convergence strategy to improve productivity, increase customer satisfaction, reduce operational expense, and simplify network management. To keep pace with the county's robust growth, the dedicated team of professionals from the county's Information Technology Department realized that the number of technological challenges would likewise accelerate. This organization is committed to providing the county's diverse departments and agencies with innovative and effective technology-based solutions.

Working together, IBM Global Services and Cisco collaborated with county officials to design and build a server-based VoIP solution that will support more than 1,000 Cisco IP phones at the county's new courthouse, as well as an additional 500 IP phones at four remote sites. The county selected IBM and Cisco due to the innovative products, understanding of traditional voice systems, and proven methodology for implementing IP telephony solutions the two working as one are able to deliver.

The financial advantage - Reducing your overhead

Realize significant savings and efficiency by expanding the traditional government workplace into a mobile environment. The workforce mobility solution for government from IBM and Cisco can help your agency to:

Technical details

The issues - Reducing the complexity of wireless networks

IBM and Cisco have partnered to provide a security-rich wireless network infrastructure for government workforce mobility that can help take complexity out of seemingly endless choices. Our robust solution offers the investment protection of a modular foundation that can expand as your needs change.

The benchmark - Proven capabilities for government agencies

IBM and Cisco offer proven capabilities in complex wireless network implementation and systems integration with security-rich and scalable solutions.

The components - IBM and Cisco—putting it all together

Depending on your unique needs, IBM and Cisco components may include

The implementation - Successful county implementation

Working together, IBM Global Services and Cisco collaborated with a county officials to design and build a server-based VoIP solution that will support more than 1,000 Cisco IP phones at the county's new courthouse, as well as an additional 500 IP phones at four remote sites.

The VoIP solution utilizes the award-winning Cisco Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data (AVVID) and IP telephony products and interfaces with private branch exchange (PBX) solutions in three other county buildings. With Cisco Unified Messaging capability, county employees will also be able to manage e-mail, voice and fax messages from one mailbox.

The IBM Global Services implementation methodology included extensive interviews and design work prior to installation. Once the equipment was installed, IBM helped the county launch pilot programs and provided user training. IBM is also providing onsite service that permits the county to pay only for hours of service used.

The cost of ownership - Reduce costs and increase satisfaction

Workforce mobility from IBM and Cisco can enable tremendous work and life benefits to constituents as well as government employees. Our solution is designed to provide:

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