Wireless campus for healthcare from IBM and Cisco

Executive summary

The goal - Provide vital care quickly

Can your clinicians easily access a patient's complete medical record to quickly diagnose and provide treatment? IBM and Cisco can help connect clinicians to vital data at the point of care, enabling them to perform critical functions on the spot. Our solution creates a common communications infrastructure to cost-effectively streamline your health network.

The advantage - Become a top-notch, technology-savvy provider

With the convergence of voice and data on an all IP network, the wireless campus solution for healthcare from IBM and Cisco offers your organization a cost-effective high-bandwidth network, capable of supporting video conference, wireless, data and voice communications services. It provides robust cellular service and wireless signals both indoors and outdoors, across your healthcare campus, and even to off-site facilities outside of the campus. Wireless handheld devices enable physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers to access patient records and record treatments at the point of care.

In addition, this solution is built on an open infrastructure to utilize new technologies such as radio frequency identification for tracking and locating key hospital assets and equipment. We also offer campus safety systems with broad coverage that can encompass both mobile and stationary digital video surveillance services to help keep your patients, visitors and staff safe around the clock.

We can help you assess your current wireless environment, plan how to address new business models, design a wireless network to support your hospital's goals and deploy that network in a phased approach to meet your most pressing requirements first.

The benefits - Offer high-caliber patient treatment and services

IBM and Cisco offer the wireless campus solution for healthcare to help you establish the flexibility to respond to current and anticipated patient requirements. With a communications infrastructure, employing handheld and wireless devices your organization can:

Business view

The goal - Innovation in healthcare

Do your clinicians have the data they need to provide quality patient services? Can they easily access patient information and insurance formularies at the point of care? Clinical decision making requires comprehensive and timely information. Wireless campus for healthcare from IBM and Cisco can help connect doctors, nurses and other staff members to the information they need, and enable them to perform critical functions faster.

The advantage - A partnership for reliable healthcare solutions

IBM and Cisco are uniquely positioned to assess, design and deliver wireless campus solutions to healthcare facilities worldwide. Together, we offer an extensive portfolio of industry leading technology, services and expertise to help overcome the traditional barriers to wireless network adoption.

IBM offers:

Cisco offers:

With IBM's unsurpassed expertise in translating the needs of healthcare into wireless solutions, you can be confident that an IBM and Cisco solution is designed for easy deployment, scalability and manageability.

The benefits - An innovative approach to healthcare

IBM and Cisco have designed a wireless campus solution for healthcare that can help transform the way your practice, hospital or other care facility operates. Our solution can help you deliver better, faster patient services and enhance communication through wireless devices, promoting more frequent and effective interaction between doctors, specialists, nurses and other staff.
Provide access to vital information at virtually any point of care.

Allow clinicians to perform important functions on the spot.

Help clinicians improve patient safety.

Improve claims submissions.

The approach - Case study: Northern Light Health Region, Alberta Canada

To serve a patient base of over 70,000 people spread over a huge geographic area in northern Alberta, the Northern Lights Health Region engaged IBM and Cisco to implement an IP Communications infrastructure for videoconferencing, data, voice and wireless services. This new environment enables Northern Lights to remotely deliver better diagnostics and patient treatment and roll out new services, while controlling costs.

The information technology solution, jointly designed and deployed by IBM and Cisco Systems, significantly improves patient access to critical healthcare services through the delivery of remote diagnostics and care capability. The advanced IP Communications platform positively impacts the utility and effectiveness of existing applications such as videoconferencing, and supports the rollout of new services, such as wireless. It also helps deliver these capabilities at a lower cost on an ongoing basis.

The financial advantage - Reduce errors, improve efficiencies

Minimize the time, cost and complexity of planning and deploying a wireless solution with the help of experienced partners with proven track records. Cost-effectively extend the reach of patient services with wireless campus for healthcare from IBM and Cisco. Our solution can help your organization:

Technical details

The issues - A converged network for wireless healthcare services

Extend patient services with a comprehensive wireless strategy. Utilize IBM's and Cisco's best-of-breed technology, specifically tailored to the needs of healthcare providers. Wireless campus from IBM and Cisco utilizes IP-based converged networking technologies for voice, video and data to help you implement, support and continuously enhance wireless patient services. And easily scale the solution as the volume of users and patients increases.

The benchmark - Experience with healthcare providers

The IBM and Cisco strategic alliance offers a shared strategy of integrated solutions, technologies and products to help organizations achieve productivity, IT optimization and healthcare industry resilience objectives. Together, we offer an Intelligent Information Network (IIN) that enables growth and innovation, and the transformation to an all-wireless network.

The components - Reliable hardware, software and services

Depending on your unique needs, IBM and Cisco components may include:

Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers, responsible for system-wide wireless LAN functions, such as security policies, intrusion prevention, Radio Frequency management, quality of service (QoS) and mobility work in conjunction with Cisco Access Points and the Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS) to support business-critical wireless applications.

The implementation - Case study: Northern Light Health Region, Alberta Canada

Northern Lights selected IBM and Cisco Systems to design and deploy a converged network infrastructure that included IP communications, videoconferencing technologies, Cisco and IBM storage solutions, and IBM servers and systems integrated with MediTech HCIS. The new communications infrastructure enables Northern Lights to provide the highest level of medical services accessible to everyone and sustainable well into the future.

Delivering care to remotely located patients and facilities demands highly sophisticated technology. The Northern Lights solution includes a totally upgraded infrastructure—a Cisco Intelligent Information Network, upgraded IBM x345 high availability servers, and a suite of Cisco IP Communications solutions, including Cisco IP Videoconferencing, Cisco Call Manager for call processing, Cisco Unity unified messaging, Cisco 7912, 7940 and 7960 IP phones, Cisco IP Contact Center Express Edition, and Cisco voice gateways for connectivity to TDM voice networks.

The cost of ownership - Dependable technology with cost-cutting benefits

Wireless campus for healthcare from IBM and Cisco offers dependable technology and can help decrease your operational costs. Let IBM and Cisco help you:

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