Networked and sensor-enabled surveillance from IBM and Cisco

Executive summary

The goal - Prepare. Deter. Monitor. Respond.

Do you need to capture more of the right video data and retain it for longer periods at higher quality? Need ready access to real-time and archived video by users in disbursed locations? IBM and Cisco offer a network-based, sensor-enabled Digital Video Surveillance solution that can help you extend the components you already have, while providing you with better access and more capabilities for public safety.

The advantage - Safeguard citizens, facilities and assets

Networked and sensor-enabled surveillance from IBM and Cisco runs on your IP network and can be integrated with other agencies. Various departments, such as police, fire or healthcare facilities, can gain access, with password authentication, to collaborate and respond in the event of an emergency. Wireless broadband enables public safety officers in the field, such as boarder patrol or police officers, to access real-time video with remote devices or mobile video components.

Biometrics such as facial or iris recognition can be implemented to automatically alert security when a known perpetrator appears. Footage is stored on the storage area network and backed up both locally and remotely, so you don't have to worry about tape degradation, multiple copies or lost tapes. And the high-quality video produced, along watermarking authentication equips you with admissible evidence in court.

Because our solution is built on open standards, you can integrate the components you currently own as well as implement future enhancements as they become available. This modular solution makes it a flexible option that can grow with you as your needs change.

The benefits - Promote safety with image capture

Manage daily incidents, help secure planned events and handle unforeseen disasters. Networked and sensor-enabled surveillance from IBM and Cisco is designed to enable you to:

Business view

The goal - Promote safety with high-quality video surveillance

Increase safety by allowing authorized users to view live or archived video from virtually anywhere in the world. Our flexible IP-based network video surveillance solution can help you facilitate fast response to incidents by supporting simultaneous, dispersed usage. You can store video redundantly in local and remote, fail-safe storage systems to help guarantee availability. All while reducing the time required for your day-to-day surveillance operations.

The advantage - Taking the complexity out of security surveillance

No job can be more important than protecting the public from threats. That's why IBM and Cisco have joined forces to offer public safety administrators the networked and sensor-enabled surveillance solution. Our alliance combines the experience, energy and talent of two companies with complementary strengths.

The benefits - Technology for advanced protection

The IBM and Cisco strategic alliance can provide you with a resilient, scalable, end-to-end infrastructure for more securely managing your IT assets and streamlining your operations. Our security solutions help you manage the identities of users who connect to the enterprise and monitor the "wellness" of devices connecting to your network.

Prevent, protect or respond against attacks, accidents or natural disasters with networked and sensor-enabled surveillance from IBM and Cisco. Our solution can help you:

Our modular design enables legacy system integration and the use of advanced technology such as biometric identification, object tracking, event management, centralized command, and control and pattern recognition.

The approach - An example of mobile video units for a police force

Many law enforcement agencies rely on technology to help fight crime. For example, police departments often utilize an analog video capture and tape-management system to help create potentially court-admissible evidence at the scene of an incident. However, a manual system can be cumbersome and inefficient. Officers may forget to turn the cameras on, and full-time administrative staff members may be needed to manage the thousands of tapes handed into headquarters. Finding and retrieving a needed video clip can be time consuming.

IBM and Cisco offer a more efficient alternative with digital video capture and management that can help reduce the number of manual tasks and increase the quality of the output. A police department can rely on the experience and knowledge of IBM and Cisco because we have proven abilities in designing and implementing systems for public safety agencies. In addition, our solutions are competitively and designed to scale according to growing needs.

The financial advantage - Reduce the cost of enhancing public safety

The networked and sensor-enabled surveillance solution from IBM and Cisco can help you provide security more effectively by:

Technical details

The issues - Innovative technology to keep the public safe

IBM and Cisco offer a highly available and reliable network for video surveillance so you can provide authorized users with virtual real-time access to video capture while avoiding video degradation, manual filing systems or misplaced tapes. Our modular design enables legacy system integration and the use of advanced technology such as biometric identification, object tracking, event management, centralized command, and control and pattern recognition.

The benchmark - Partners in innovation—helping you protect the public

IBM and Cisco have an established partnership with some of the highest levels of expertise to advise and implement complex customer environments with ease. Our proven and tested solutions accelerate market-leading innovation.

The components - The IBM and Cisco alliance advantage to you

IBM Global Business Services offers security, wireless and network consulting along with integration and deployment services. Depending on your unique requirements, your solution may include:

Cisco provides an Intelligent Information Network comprised of world-leading, reliable hardware and software components, such as:

The implementation - Networked and sensor-enabled surveillance

IBM and Cisco can help public safety agencies increase the capacity and effectiveness of their data communication systems, enabling them to meet encryption requirements, such as those that may be imposed by a department of justice. Our solution can facilitate real-time communications and support peak workloads to help keep operations going smoothly 24x7. A department may need to replace or integrate their existing systems with our security-rich, high-speed wireless network that can increase collaboration with the help of a robust foundation for a region-wide communications network, connecting police, fire, ambulance and other first responders for efficient crime prevention and response.

The cost of ownership - Efficient technology tools to reduce cost

Help prevent loss while reducing risk and liability with networked and sensor-enabled surveillance from IBM and Cisco.

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