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Executive summary

The goal - Improve public safety capabilities

Real-time video and analytics increase public safety, while delivering evidence-grade video that can help drive success within the judicial system, and reduce law enforcement litigation costs. Network digital video surveillance from IBM and Cisco can enable law enforcement and public safety teams to access real-time and archived video to determine the most effective response to ongoing situations, prevent and mitigate future emergencies, provide litigation support and centralize control of agency assets.

The advantage - From incident awareness to response, investigation and evidence

Network digital video surveillance from IBM and Cisco provides best practices in infrastructure, integration, storage management and process flow to help you deploy, manage and use digital video. Fixed and mobile video camera feeds provide virtually real-time information and situational awareness of developing incidents. Before first responders appear on-site, they can view video streams from cameras mounted on streetlights or buildings near the location from the command center or from vehicles responding to the incident. This video is an effective force multiplier, as shared usage reduces the number of responders needed to assess the situation.

Upon arrival, responders can share video surveillance from their vehicle-mounted cameras with the command center and other responders, increasing situational awareness. For example, in a chemical spill or explosion, shared video could show the extent of damage, such as the impact of a toxic cloud or spill on a freeway.

The solution is designed to provide:

The benefits - Leverage video as a force multiplier

Network intelligent digital video can provide critical information far beyond traditional monitoring. Video is one of the best ways to obtain real-time information and evidence. Our solution can help improve public safety capabilities to:

Business view

The goal - Real-time video information

Capturing real-time video provides situational awareness which can help your agency better protect and serve constituents in the event of an emergency. Managing, storing and making that video usable as evidence or analysis can take your surveillance system to the next level—providing video intelligence, prosecutable and forensic evidence. Network digital video surveillance from IBM and Cisco can help improve decision making through video data access and easier retrieval and management of archived video.

The advantage - A view into the future of surveillance

IBM and Cisco have implemented solutions in a variety of settings, including rural borders, city-wide grids, city bus systems and police cars. We have the breadth and depth of experience to help your agency easily deploy, manage and use network digital video surveillance.

The benefits - Advanced insight for situational awareness

Responders who better understand an event prior to arriving on the scene can effectively identify the response required to best protect the public and speed resolution. In instances where a crime has been committed, a video "witness" can help solve the case more quickly and later serve as evidence. Depending on the criteria specified, video analytics can automatically identify size, color, shape and speed of vehicles. Capture and recognize faces and license plates. Detect motion on multiple video streams simultaneously. Send alerts to the appropriate personnel and more. Our solution is designed to help your agency enhance its capability to protect the public.

The approach - Chicago Transit Authority enhances security through networked video

To ensure the safety of its one million daily passengers, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) needed the ability to monitor footage and collaborate with police in real time. IBM Global Technology Services implemented a Cisco wireless infrastructure that enables the CTA Transit Police Department to connect to video surveillance cameras in the system's buses, as well as to fixed cameras at bus and rail terminals, using the Cisco 3200 Mobile Access Router (MAR).

The financial advantage - Lower the cost of safety

In today's challenging economic environment, governments must continue to protect citizens, for whom public safety is priceless. IBM and Cisco can help governments improve public safety, while addressing budget challenges to do more with less. We can fundamentally transform the economics of providing public safety. The solution is designed to:

Technical details

The issues - Centrally managed digital evidence

Capture, transport, store and view real-time video from fixed or mobile cameras with an integrated, reliable and cost-effective end-to-end digital video surveillance solution. Network digital video surveillance from IBM and Cisco is designed as a centrally managed system for accessible and automated digital content management and archival of video needed for evidence or solving crimes.

The benchmark - Comprehensive networked support

Drawing on a combined 75 years of experience using technology to support government agencies worldwide, we have melded our technology expertise and services knowledge to address many of the complex challenges faced by law enforcement and other public safety agencies.

The components - Scalable. Reliable. Interoperable.

Technology, software and services from IBM and Cisco can help deliver the foundation for your network digital surveillance solution. We start with an evaluation of your needs. Based on your legacy systems and agency requirements, your solution could include the following components:

The implementation - Chicago moves towards mobile, wireless and real-time video

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) worked with IBM to implement a Cisco wireless infrastructure. The transit authority and the Chicago Police Department can now connect to video surveillance cameras in the system's buses, as well as to fixed cameras at bus and rail terminals, using Cisco 3200 Mobile Access Router (MAR). On CTA trains, the solution is enabled by 40 hotspots incrementally situated along the rail stations. The solution included:

The cost of ownership - Smaller footprint, improved archival and retrieval

Our digital video surveillance solution is designed for a low overall cost of ownership and can help your agency:

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