IBM Secure Wireless Networking Solution
for Cisco Systems

Executive summary

The goal - Enhance productivity and mobility

Increase productivity across your organization. Provide employees with improved mobility throughout the office and beyond. Implement a wireless network with the IBM Secure Wireless Networking Solution for Cisco Systems. We can help you maximize security. Deploy your solution quickly with minimal business interruption. Build a foundation for future growth.

The advantage - Implement a reliable wireless solution

IBM and Cisco worked together to create the IBM Secure Wireless Networking Solution for Cisco Systems, which provides a security-rich wireless local area network with remote access. Delivered with minimal business interruption by qualified IBM Business Partners, this solution takes the complexity out of the seemingly endless wireless choices. It provides enterprise-class security features and wireless access at an affordable price. The solution offers a simple wireless foundation that supports growth as your needs expand into larger wireless networks or extends into other pervasive devices, such as PDAs.

The benefits - Benefit from a solution designed for smaller businesses

The IBM Secure Wireless Networking Solution for Cisco Systems is designed to improve mobility and productivity, while providing security-rich, wireless access to the company network—both in and out of the office. The unique integration of IBM and Cisco technology:
IBM and Cisco recommend this solution to small and medium businesses. It is part of the IBM Express portfolio, a set of solutions designed to meet specific criteria for medium-sized businesses with respect to function, ease of use, management and price.

Business view

The goal - Leverage the benefits of wireless

Extend your company network to new departments. Provide employees with virtual seamless mobile access to business applications and internal network resources. The IBM Secure Wireless Network Solution for Cisco Systems can help you increase productivity. Improve employee satisfaction. Protect your corporate information and assets.

The advantage - Simplify your choice for wireless networking

IBM and Cisco have designed this solution to take the guesswork out of choosing a wireless infrastructure.

The benefits - Gain mobility while protecting your company

With the IBM Secure Wireless Network Solution for Cisco Systems, your employees can:

We understand your concerns about security related to mobile wireless access. But wireless networks can be as secure as wired networks if they're set up properly. Prior to implementation, a risk assessment of your environment can be completed to determine the amount of security you need. We help ensure the appropriate security features are implemented automatically, such as adding fingerprint authentication to your employees' computers, and enabling every password and inactivity time out option.

The approach - Offer employees convenience, ease of use

When a company implements this solution, we add security-rich wireless LAN support to the currently existing wired intranet network. We set up an environment where an employee can access the enterprise network from a non-secure environment—their home, a wireless hotspot at an airport, a train and so on. Once they establish a connection to the intranet, all the corporate applications and tools that the employee is authorized for are available from that client.

Companies that implement this type of solution generally experience improvements in employee satisfaction and morale, as well as productivity, because employees are able to work in more convenient locations and remain connected to the network.

The financial advantage - Lower costs while increasing productivity

The IBM Secure Wireless Networking Solution for Cisco Systems provides a security-rich environment designed to offer a quick return on investment. The solution can help:

Technical details

The issues - Simplify the process of implementing wireless

Implementing wireless networking into your business is a daunting task. Difficult, complex network designs. Business interruptions. Support issues. IBM and Cisco Systems have designed a solution to simplify the process and help medium businesses realize the value of wireless mobility. The IBM Secure Wireless Network Solution for Cisco Systems provides the functionality your employees want with the security features and services you need.

The benchmark - Leverage a solution recommended by IBM and Cisco

IBM and Cisco recommend the IBM Secure Wireless Network Solution for Cisco Systems for small and medium businesses.

The components - Build a reliable solution with leading technology

This solution brings together the following tested hardware and software from IBM and Cisco Systems.

The implementation - Grow with a modular solution to meet your needs

This solution can be implemented in two phases. During the first phase, we help secure access to the internal network and its resources for employees within the premises of the company building. Generally in this phase, we would install an eServer xSeries system to host the Cisco ACS server software and RADIUS server. We would also install Cisco wireless access points, wireless adapters on computers, and software to support the solution.

In phase two, we would add mobile access to the wireless LAN from anywhere outside the company—home, public hot spots—for employees with wireless client ThinkPad computers. With this phase, we would add WebSphere software and a second server with two network interface cards to host it, as well as additional software to support the solution.

The cost of ownership - Realize lower costs and improved security functions

We designed this solution to provide high levels of security and reliability, and easier administration to help ensure a low cost of ownership.

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