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Smart grids—the future of utilities

Utilities face unprecedented challenges, including increasing demand on overburdened grid capacity, aging infrastructures and environmental concerns. The answer to these challenges is a smart grid with instrumented, interconnected and automated systems that improve service levels, extend the life of assets and even increase effective capacity. IBM and Cisco can provide the critical foundational elements for a fully realized, multifaceted smart grid transformation to help utilities reduce costs, and increase reliability and transparency.

IBM and Cisco solutions for energy and utilities

Managing meters more effectively can help utilities provide new and better services to customers. IBM and Cisco Systems offer a meter management solution that communicates over an intelligent IP-enabled network. The solution can help you improve productivity. Reduce peak demand. Respond faster to customer service requests.

Aging assets are vulnerable and inefficient. Increased regulations require near real-time data integration for prioritizing upgrades and meeting compliance. IBM and Cisco have teamed to deliver an intelligent asset management offering designed to improve utility network availability, security and compliance.

Empower mobile utility workers with accurate, real-time information so they can deliver optimum service and make quick decisions onsite. IBM and Cisco can help you improve communications between mobile workers and corporate resources. Speed problem resolution. Give workers the tools they need to do their jobs effectively.

Grid capacity and aging infrastructures are stretched to the limit. Utility companies need more efficient and reliable ways to monitor, operate and manage existing assets by using robust communications networks. Smart grid communications solution from IBM and Cisco can help.

To build business relationships, you often need to travel, which can mean lost time, reduced productivity and increased expense. The telepresence meeting solution from IBM and Cisco provides an in-person experience, empowering you to interact more effectively with colleagues and customers in many locations.

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