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IBM and Cisco solutions such as wireless campus for healthcare and Digital Communities can help healthcare facilities provide security-rich data and voice communications to doctors, nurses and other staff members both on and off premises. Improve patient safety by bringing critical information to the point of care. Increase physician and nurse productivity by reducing paperwork and manual workflow. Implement a common communications backbone that addresses electromagnetic interference issues created by myriad communications systems within the facility.

IBM and Cisco solutions for healthcare

Hospitals must improve quality of care, clinical outcomes and services, and deliver personalized healthcare value while reducing medical costs. A digital hospital solution from IBM and Cisco can automate processes, device and technology integration for improved patient safety, throughput and operational efficiency.

To build business relationships, you often need to travel, which can mean lost time, reduced productivity and increased expense. The telepresence meeting solution from IBM and Cisco provides an in-person experience, empowering you to interact more effectively with colleagues and customers in many locations.

IBM and Cisco offer a strategic approach to better, faster patient care in the office, at the hospital or virtually anywhere you treat patients. Our wireless campus solution for healthcare helps clinicians to access complete patient records to review medical histories, prescribe medications, track assets or check on lab tests at the point of care.

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