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IBM and Cisco Digital Communities solutions can help governments around the world mobilize their workforce and enhance public safety. Develop digital communities that facilitate more effective teamwork. Equip first responders with digital communication links to command centers. Utilize networked video surveillance systems to effectively monitor government buildings, borders and other sensitive areas. Build networks within and outside the campus to improve productivity, flexibility and accessibility.

IBM and Cisco solutions for government

Whether threats are natural disasters or intentional criminal attacks, governments and law enforcement agencies need to have the plans, strategies and infrastructure in place to contain situations, minimize loss of life and property, and restore order. IBM, Cisco and VirtualAgility have a solution to meet your needs.

Respond effectively to current and future emergencies. Provide litigation support through video evidence and analysis. Go beyond basic surveillance with a system from IBM and Cisco designed for capture, transport, storage and viewing of near real-time video from fixed sites and mobile platforms for situational awareness.

Provide greater public security in buildings, schools or patrol areas using high-quality video with intelligence to alert security staff. IBM and Cisco have joined forces to offer institutions a fully-automated, cost-effective solution for rapid access to and retrieval of video content for mission-critical decision making.

To build business relationships, you often need to travel, which can mean lost time, reduced productivity and increased expense. The telepresence meeting solution from IBM and Cisco provides an in-person experience, empowering you to interact more effectively with colleagues and customers in many locations.

Allow your government employees to work more productively in the field and respond to citizens' needs faster. Provide the tools they need to access information anywhere, anytime, reducing the necessity to travel back and forth to headquarters, and enabling more time for problem solving.

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