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IBM and Cisco offer networking solutions designed to help transform bank branches into more customer-focused businesses. Together, we offer innovative ways for banks to deliver integrated, value-added services, including mobile branch concierge services, wireless messaging and branch video centers. Rapidly introduce new products. Leverage new delivery channels and integrate multimedia across virtually all channels—Web, ATMs, kiosks, branches, Internet and call centers.

IBM and Cisco solutions for banking

Is your bank able to grow targeted areas of business while enhancing market differentiation? Are you able to meet changing individual customer needs and purchase behaviors with the most effective range of products and services? Let IBM and Cisco help you attract and retain profitable clients.

As banks take advantage of today’s technology, they may sacrifice personalized service. With the Remote Expert solution, branch customers can have face-to-face interactions with banking experts regardless of their location. More than video conferencing, the solution connects remote staff with customers to enhance services.

To build business relationships, you often need to travel, which can mean lost time, reduced productivity and increased expense. The telepresence meeting solution from IBM and Cisco provides an in-person experience, empowering you to interact more effectively with colleagues and customers in many locations.

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