Unified communications solutions from IBM and Avaya

Executive summary

The goal - Maximize value through integration

Enhance collaborative communications at the desktop. Simplify your workers' access to all of their messaging—e-mails, voicemails, faxes, calendar entries. Improve the effectiveness of group collaboration across your enterprise. Provide enhanced support for mobility. IBM and Avaya have partnered to deliver unified communications solutions designed to increase productivity, accelerate revenue, and cut your telecommunications and travel costs.

The advantage - Click to communicate

Our unified communications solutions bring unique value to clients with fully featured, integrated telephony, conferencing and flexible unified messaging. Avaya extends click-to-communicate capabilities into IBM® Lotus® Sametime®, Lotus Notes®, Lotus Quickr™ and Lotus Connections, and unified messaging into Lotus Domino® and Lotus Notes. In addition, we unify Avaya audio conferencing with Sametime instant messaging and Web conferencing. And we provide the expertise to help you implement your solution in the most efficient manner. Together, we can help you embed communications into your workflow, empowering greater levels of productivity and reducing latency in business processes.

The benefits - See savings in your productivity and budget

Unified communications solutions from IBM and Avaya can lead to substantial savings by leveraging internal Voice over IP (VoIP) where possible, and the enterprise private branch exchange (PBX) calling plan when employees click to call from different applications on their desktop. Calls are sent through the lowest cost avenues, even rerouting employees' mobile phone calls to make them appear—and be charged—as though they are running through the office line. Our solutions also provide many productivity benefits.

Integrated telephony can enable workers to:

  • Initiate calls right from the application they are currently using, such as Lotus Sametime, Lotus Notes or Microsoft® Office applications.
  • See if colleagues are available, and easily connect with them if they are.
  • Automatically search corporate directories and dial phone numbers.
  • Place calls from remote locations as though they are on the corporate phone network—maintaining enterprise identity and presence for all inbound and outbound calls.

Integrated audio and Web conferencing can enable workers to:

  • Take advantage of a range of conferencing capabilities to both improve the effectiveness of meetings and reduce the need for travel.
  • Initiate an integrated audio and Web conference instantly from Lotus Sametime, or schedule a combined audio and Web conference with reserved ports.

Unified messaging can enable workers to:

  • Read e-mails, voicemails and faxed messages all within their inbox.
  • Call in to access and hear voicemails, e-mails, calendar entries and faxes.
  • Simplify management of voicemail messages by storing them in the same Domino server as e-mail.

Business view

The goal - Stop wasting time

How much time do you spend chasing multiple people to resolve an important task or request? How many mobile phone minutes do you burn up because you have to call into a conference while away from your office? Do your colleagues always know when you are available and how you can be reached? Unified communications solutions from IBM and Avaya are designed to bring together all of your communication methods, resulting in higher productivity, improved mobility and lower costs.

The advantage - Leverage reliable, proven technology

Avaya and IBM are market leaders in communications and collaboration with robust, scalable and proven offerings.

The benefits - Unify communications and messaging

By creating linkages across the full collaboration portfolio, our solutions can enable workers to click to call a colleague from many of the applications they use each day. For example, you can see a person's presence and click to call directly from your Lotus Notes e-mail or inbox, from Microsoft® Office, Outlook® or SharePoint® applications, and from Lotus Connections or Lotus Quickr™ profiles. You can also easily embed presence and click-to-call capabilities into situational applications built with Lotus Mashups.

Our solutions can also make virtual conferencing much easier, which can help you reduce your impact on the environment by limiting meeting-related travel. For example:

In addition, IBM and Avaya unified communications solutions can help increase productivity and enable more mobility with unified messaging capabilities. For example:

The approach - IBM and Avaya help city respond faster

IBM and Avaya teamed up to develop a call and emergency response center for a key U.S. city. The center consolidates and houses all public safety and nonpublic safety communications for police, fire, rescue and emergency responders for the city. The center has successfully created a workplace conducive to ensuring employees responsible for these critical functions are equipped and empowered to be successful.

The city has realized many benefits from this project:

The financial advantage - Lower costs for higher returns

Unified communications solutions from IBM and Avaya can lead to savings in both time and costs by:

Technical details

The issues - Bring together communications and collaboration

How can you better support your employees' need for efficient, streamlined communications across various devices, locations and applications? Unified communications solutions from IBM and Avaya can help you integrate telephony with collaboration software in a way that improves productivity and workflow. Support more capabilities for conferencing, telephony and unified messaging, while simplifying systems management requirements.

The benchmark - Rely on our combined leadership

Avaya's expertise in business communication applications complements IBM's extensive capabilities in middleware, collaboration and IT services. Our combined leadership in telephony and collaboration provides a solid foundation for unified communications.

The components - Integrate technologies for a unified infrastructure

Unified communications solutions from IBM and Avaya are built on the integration of IBM Lotus collaboration software with Avaya voice communications applications. Our solutions span telephony integration, conferencing integration and unified messaging integration. Tezephony integration provides click-to-call capabilities and aggregated phone plus instant messaging presence in Lotus Sametime through two options:

  • Place calls via Avaya one-X Communicator or Avaya IP Softphone v6.
    • Control desktop, home, mobile phone or talk through the PC
    • Easy access to all Avaya telephony features, including conferencing, video and extend to cellular

Conferencing integration includes the ability to click to conference from Lotus software.

Unified messaging integration includes:

Click to call and integrated presence can be extended beyond communications applications into business applications and workflow. Leverage the development flexibility of Lotus Expeditor and Lotus Mashup Center with the communication capabilities of Avaya.

The implementation - IBM and Avaya facilitate faster emergency response

IBM and Avaya developed a call and emergency response center for a key U.S. city to consolidate all safety communications functions. The call center is supported with a common technology infrastructure which provides full communication and interface for the critical business functions associated with public safety first responders and constituent services.

The center includes Avaya computer-aided dispatch software, an Avaya digital voice logging and recording system and Avaya Telephony System. It also includes audio-visual systems, an integrated network monitoring system, a local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) security infrastructure, public safety radio systems, a timing system and radio systems. The technology infrastructure, in combination with the facility design, allows for the integration of additional call centers.

The cost of ownership - Optimize your infrastructure

Unified communications solutions from IBM and Avaya are designed to deliver low cost of ownership through consolidation and integration of technology across your enterprise. Our solutions can help you: