Public safety solutions from IBM and Avaya

Executive summary

The goal - Are 911 system communications hindering first responders?

The proliferation of wireless devices over the past few years has changed the meaning of "Call 911." Today, even the most routine incident can generate a large number of cell phone calls and text messages with attached photos or videos. While communications has always been at the heart of emergency response, getting accurate information to the right people as quickly as possible is the key to saving lives and protecting property. There is a lot of pressure for authorities to implement the latest capabilities. Public safety solutions from IBM and Avaya can help.

The advantage - Near real-time situational awareness

Public safety solutions from IBM and Avaya can infuse your emergency response infrastructure with the advanced functionality needed to answer calls—both emergency and non-emergency, from a growing number of consumer technologies—more quickly and effectively. They can also help coordinate the necessary resources to address the situation, whether the calls represent one personal emergency or a broad-scale disaster.

By consolidating multiple geographic centers and dispersed networks, your agency can expand the pool of public safety call-takers, share advanced applications and distribute the cost over several sites. Newer technologies provide the ability for call-takers to accept, and interact with, new forms of communications—photo, video and text messaging. And when the call volume supersedes capacity at one location—or when a center is physically inaccessible—our solutions make it easier to manage the overflow.

The benefits - Shave seconds off your response time

IBM and Avaya public safety solutions focus on meeting the critical needs facing emergency agencies and emergency responders. Our solutions can help you:

Business view

The goal - How rapid is your emergency response?

In the case of emergency and life-threatening situations, clear and concise communications can save critical time and assure fewer errors. But the lack of interoperability between agency resources can dramatically affect first responders' actions. How do you satisfy growing service needs with exceptional speed, while coordinating between agencies and making the best use of personnel and resources? Public safety solutions from IBM and Avaya can help.

The advantage - Our strengths address the barriers to your strategic goals

IBM and Avaya offer solutions and expertise to improve emergency responsiveness and day-to-day communications.

The benefits - When wasted time can be life-threatening

For agencies tasked with securing the safety of constituent's lives and property, public safety solutions from IBM and Avaya can speed responsiveness to both emergencies and day-to-day requests. Our services and solutions can help you:

The approach - D.C. 911 calls answered within five seconds

Washington, D.C., residents can expect their 911 calls be answered within five seconds thanks to a public safety solution system from IBM and Avaya. With the Unified Communications Center, 99.7% of emergency calls are answered within five seconds, with most calls answered in less than one second. That compares to a national average of about 10 seconds.

The new communications system from IBM and Avaya integrates emergency contact centers for D.C. police, fire and emergency medical service (EMS) responders, which handle an estimated 2.65 million calls annually. The new integrated system eliminates the need to transfer calls between incompatible systems, facilities and agencies, which will save time, reduce the potential for errors and dispatch first responders more quickly and efficiently. It also automatically identifies callers and their location when they place a 911 call, even if they're calling from a cell phone.

And finally, the system provides the ability to collect information so the center can identify trends and patterns, which will give staff insight into the changing needs of the community.

The financial advantage - Enhanced communication for less cost

Rely on IBM and Avaya to deliver enhanced emergency response capabilities designed to enable better control over communications costs and infrastructure investments. Our solution can:

Technical details

The issues - Implement the latest 911 capabilities

Is your 911 system overworked and outdated? Do multiple calls about the same incident put your system in jeopardy? Lack of interoperability between agencies and legacy technologies on complex networks of proprietary systems place people and property at risk. Public safety solutions from IBM and Avaya provide a flexible, open infrastructure that can support both multiple modes of communication, as well as split-second interagency and cross-jurisdictional collaboration.

The benchmark - What sets us apart from the competition?

IBM and Avaya have been making it easier for public service agencies to communicate at every level for decades—including in our own and many other mission-critical businesses.

The components - Proven technology for effective emergency responses

Public safety solutions from IBM and Avaya support multiple channels—voice, Web, text, graphics and video—to simplify information sharing and collaboration across agencies and jurisdictions. Solution components can include:

The implementation - IBM and Avaya power faster, more efficient emergency response

Like most emergency response systems, the Washington D.C. 911 network evolved over time, with communications split between police and fire facilities. Other city agencies handling emergency and non-emergency calls also functioned separately. With nearly 2.65 million 911 and 311 calls annually, the disparate telephony, dispatch and radio infrastructures had inherent limitations that kept agencies from achieving state-of-the-art best practices. 911 in particular suffered from an overly complex routing system that sometimes caused delays in answering.

Now, thanks to a system implemented by IBM and Avaya, 911 calls are answered more rapidly, so the caller rarely even hears a ring tone. While the national average for answering a 911 call is ten seconds, the District now answers over 96% of emergency calls in less than five seconds, with most calls being answered in less than a second.

The cost of ownership - A converged infrastructure can simplify and lower costs

Public safety solutions from IBM and Avaya provide one converged network infrastructure to handle multiple citizen services, as well as routine agency administrative communications. This can simplify and lower the cost of managing multiple public safety answering points (PSAP) and 911 services. Our solutions also provide sophisticated backend and internal capabilities for reporting, continuity and security, and deliver: