Automated caller experience solutions from IBM and Nuance

The challenge

Differentiation through the caller experience
Fierce competition and rapid commoditization have made it difficult for companies to differentiate themselves. What's more, increasingly savvy consumers feel entitled to assistance 24x7. Superior customer service has become the key differentiator to improving satisfaction, increasing repeat purchases and enhancing customer loyalty. Yet contact centers often sacrifice great service for operational efficiencies.

The solution

Technology that speaks for itself
Automation has revolutionized customer service, and rapidly evolving speech recognition technology is making these systems more effective every day. Speech technology dramatically enhances the customer experience by making it possible for callers to interact with self-service systems in a natural, comfortable manner.

Automated caller experience solutions from IBM and Nuance deliver breakthrough capabilities in customer service interactions. Our joint solutions are driven by self-service and speech recognition capabilities backed by real-time customer relationship management (CRM) data availability, updates and analytics. These customer care solutions reduce contact center costs, optimize staffing and create revenue opportunities.

The benefits

Better service, lower costs
Our automated caller experience solutions deliver speech-enabled and multimodal customer service that can help save money by reducing agent-to-agent transfer, agent handle time and caller opt-out, while simultaneously increasing call containment and caller satisfaction. Additionally, our more advanced, user-centric solutions enable the delivery of a new level of automated service not possible with touch-tone. These joint IBM and Nuance solutions provide the foundation for true customer experience transformation that can help you:

The alliance partnership

Working together, working for you
IBM has vast experience in strategic business transformation, hosting and services, coupled with a global reach, unmatched industry expertise and decades of experience. These qualities dovetail with those of Nuance, which has one of the world's largest portfolios of dedicated speech solutions, available in more than 56 languages and already deployed around the world. Nuance brings unparalleled depth of experience in speech-enabled customer service, automating more than eight billion calls per year at thousands of installations in more than 40 countries.

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