Physicians' portal from IBM and Avaya

The challenge

Faster response means improved care
Within the healthcare system, communications issues can delay patient care and result in higher costs as well as safety concerns. Nurses and support personnel waste time trying to track down physicians. Specialists are unable to deliver test results to physicians in a timely manner. Beds are taken up by patients who are waiting for discharge orders. The physicians' portal solution from IBM and Avaya integrates real-time, intelligent communications into healthcare applications to speed response time and improve patient care.

The solution

Make more accurate and agile clinical decisions
The physicians' portal solution integrates nearly any vendor's communications infrastructure into clinical support applications. This helps speed clinical decision making and improve outcomes by providing an aggregated view of up-to-date, real-time patient information, including physician contact information, vital statistics, treatments, history and other critical data. The solution can also be configured to send reminders and alerts to caregivers whenever a patient's state changes or when a new patient is incoming.

In addition, the physicians' portal solution provides clinicians, physicians, triage and emergency department staff with next-generation communications capabilities. Hospital staff can use presence awareness and advanced wireless technology to locate and communicate with personnel, such as the primary care provider, specialists, onsite clinicians and emergency responders. This can lead to better patient care. For example:

The benefits

Lower costs while raising quality of care
By integrating information management and communications services with healthcare solutions, hospitals can improve the quality, accuracy and agility of patient care, while reducing the cost of managing integration with their communications infrastructure. The physicians' portal solution can help:

The alliance partnership

Gain a comprehensive, integrated solution
The physicians' portal solution is based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach for hospitals and features the Avaya Agile Communication Environment software, tested and bundled with IBM® System x® server platforms. This combination provides the performance, scalability, high availability and manageability required for mission-critical physician communications. The solution is built on IBM WebSphere® Application Server ND, which offers physicians faster responses from the communications application. The advanced security domains offered by WebSphere Application Server ND are designed to protect patient data and can help reduce hospital liability.

IBM and Avaya have had a strong alliance since 2001.