Cross-channel optimization for retail from
IBM and Manhattan Associates

The challenge

Satisfy your customers with a single, consistent brand experience
Customers have more choices than ever—from buying channels to product choices. It can become easy for a customer to get lost in the options, leading to frustration or disappointment. Retailing has become more complex as customers require more choices, but want a seamless experience. Regardless of your customers' desires, your success as a retailer depends on providing a consistent brand experience with a wide array of selection, convenience and return options.

The solution

Saving the sale, one customer at a time
The cross-channel optimization solution for retail from IBM and Manhattan Associates provides technology that seamlessly aggregates inventory, order, pricing, promotion, merchandising and fulfillment information across all channels. The solution offers:

The solution is powered by a dynamic IBM infrastructure that can help your business improve service and manage risk, while reducing infrastructure costs. Manhattan Associates' applications support IBM's advanced virtualization technology that enables you to consolidate multiple operating systems and software stacks on a single platform, and allocate the platform to meet specific business and application requirements. Also, IBM can help you move to a more dynamic infrastructure with IBM® Power Systems™. Your business can take advantage of the exceptional performance, scalability and reliability of today's IBM POWER® processor-based servers, with the added "plus" of IBM Power Systems Software™ to improve flexibility and availability, and reduce overall infrastructure costs.

The benefits

Achieve strategic retail change
The cross-channel optimization solution offers retailers a blended-channel environment, that provides sales and support professionals with the information they need to better serve customers. And the solution gives consumers the selection, convenience and retail options they expect. The solution can help your business:

Manhattan Associates has created the cross-channel opportunity analysis modeler with the research firm Retail Systems Research (RSR) to help organizations see the benefits of creating a Zero Disappointment Retail environment. For example, a retailer with US$1.5 billion in revenue across 900 stores can expect to receive the following cross-channel benefits with Zero Disappointment Retail1:

The alliance partnership

From loading dock to customer door
IBM and Manhattan Associates offerings are designed to help you achieve excellence in your supply chain through comprehensive solutions that integrate with your business processes. With more than 500 mutual clients and a history of joint deployments, IBM and Manhattan Associates bring a broad base of industry expertise to every client engagement.

Our solutions, which are available for companies of every size and across multiple industries:

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