Unified communications solutions

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What communication challenges does your business face? The need to collaborate across the globe in real time. Increasingly mobile employees. Critical deadlines that can impact your bottom line. A range of communication devices and applications-Web, voice, messaging and telephony. More tools should mean more productivity, but if the tools are not adequately integrated, communication can be impeded. Integrating communications and collaboration in a rich, multimedia experience enables a whole new way for people, teams and communities to work together.

Your employees can conduct business by using voice, text or video across a variety of devices and locations, whether at their desk or on the road. IBM delivers unified communications and collaboration solutions that make it easier for people to find, reach and collaborate with one another. We offer:

As one of the most experienced communications systems integrators in the world, we can help you create a unified workspace encompassing virtually every combination of applications, devices, networks and operating systems. In addition to our leading IBM Lotus® Notes® and Sametime® applications, our IBM Business Partners extend the capabilities we can deliver to our clients. We also draw on our experience deploying large-scale Internet Protocol (IP) telephony and unified messaging solutions, including our own in-house implementation. Let IBM help you integrate communications more closely with your business processes so information reaches its destination no matter the medium.

Unified communications solutions

Branch convergence from IBM and Avaya

The inability to reach the right expert at the right time. Inefficient use of customer representatives. Inconsistent customer experiences. See how IBM and Avaya can help eliminate these frustrations through the creation of an enhanced branch communications network.

Click to Call from IBM and Cisco

Click to Call is a simple, but incredibly effective productivity tool that is enabled by converged voice, video and data communications. It allows users to seamlessly place a telephone call—with a click of the mouse. Simply call any telephone number virtually anywhere, using any type phone, directly from IBM Lotus® Sametime® 7.5.

Collaborative communications solution from IBM and Cisco

The collaborative communications solution from IBM and Cisco can help facilitate improvements in retail operations and enhance network connections between stores, headquarters and customers, while reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction in a security-rich environment.

Integrated manufacturing productivity from IBM, Cisco and Rockwell Automation

Boost factory throughput. Cut costs. Drive efficiencies across global supply chains. Comply with new regulations. Today's automotive manufacturers must connect information from customers, operations, corporate functions and suppliers. That's why three technology leaders have teamed to offer powerful productivity tools.

Public safety solutions from IBM and Avaya

Changing times and advancing technology make it more important than ever for public safety agencies to communicate, coordinate efforts and adapt to a new environment. Public safety solutions from IBM and Avaya provide enhanced emergency and non-emergency response capabilities that can help speed performance and save lives.

Rich-media conferencing from IBM and Cisco

A converged network provides a wealth of opportunities for rich-media conferencing—seamlessly integrating voice, video and Web conferencing capabilities. Make remote meetings as natural and effective as face-to-face meetings with rich-media conferencing from IBM and Cisco.

Unified communications solutions from IBM and Avaya

Office phones. Mobile phones. Personal computers. Handheld devices. Today's workforce has a wealth of devices to help them communicate and do their jobs. But if the devices don't work together seamlessly, they can actually hinder productivity. IBM and Avaya can unify and streamline communications across your enterprise.

Unified Messaging from IBM and Cisco

Juggling components eats valuable work time. In a single session, via fixed or mobile phone or PC, IBM can help you access, review and respond to all your messages. The unified messaging solution can help you simplify message management, saving time and boosting productivity.

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