Banking solutions from IBM and Nuance


Is your financial institution looking to encourage mobile customers, quickly authenticate customers and identify fraudulent transactions, for more secure and efficient communication with customers? IBM and Nuance can help you:

Voice biometrics for authentication

Voice biometrics offers an easier and faster experience for customers, while reducing your costs and fraud risk. IBM and Nuance can provide your business with voice biometric solutions that offer consumers fixed phrase and/or conversational authentication. These approaches can be within the enterprise contact center transformation, a customer care and insight solution or a mobile initiative.

Contact Center Transformation

IBM and Nuance can help banks improve the customer experience regardless of communication channel: mobile, contact center or web. The customer care and insight solution integrates pioneering speech recognition and voice biometric technologies for natural self-service, for efficient call routing, and for accurate identification & verification. Transformation can also enhance customer experience through outbound notifications via text, call or email and provides cross-channel support that enhances brand loyalty.

IBM is a leading provider of financial crimes solutions, and can help you strike the right balance between implementing strong, effective defenses and minimizing impact on your customers and business. Nuance brings unparalleled depth of experience in speech-enabled customer care: they automate more than eight billion calls per year at thousands of different installations in more than 40 countries. Together, IBM and Nuance have one of the largest and most experienced customer relationship management (CRM) consulting practices in the world, with over 3,000 dedicated consultants who have an average of more than 15 years of experience each. Together, our banking solutions are designed to help you build smarter banking systems and deliver faster ROI by speeding detection and alerts, averting fraudulent transactions and strengthening customer confidence.