Financial markets solutions from IBM and Juniper Networks

When microseconds make  the difference. The need  for speed

In today’s world, financial markets can shift dramatically between the time you place an order and when it is fulfilled. To leverage electronic trading to your advantage, your trades must be completed flawlessly, and quickly. Your data center may provide all of the analytical computing power needed, but the network itself may be the bottleneck to fast, flawless trading execution.

IBM and Juniper Networks are teaming to provide a revolutionary “fabric” approach to building network architectures. Using a combination of leading-edge Juniper networking hardware and IBM messaging software and servers, this new infrastructure design can deliver the throughput, predictability and—most importantly—consistently low, microsecond-level latency that trading firms urgently need.

Working together, IBM and Juniper can help you build the high-availability, low-latency infrastructure needed to support: