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Companies struggle with delivering new applications to keep pace with the demands of business. Globalization, mobility, off-shoring and regulatory compliance all require upgrading mission-critical business applications for end users. Yet traditional application deployment has become overly complex and expensive to maintain. Virtualization opens up vast new potential for systems, storage and workload consolidation. Flexible infrastructure solution options from IBM can help you accommodate growth and change while simplifying your IT environment.

IBM has a range of infrastructure solutions that support consolidation of Microsoft® Windows®, Linux®, UNIX® and mainframe environments. Virtualization allows you to freely mix and match technologies through common management tools developed for distributed heterogeneous resources. This added flexibility allows you to lower switching costs and:

IBM pioneered virtualization on the mainframe 40 years ago and continues to expand with systems like the x86-based System x™ servers and BladeCenter® systems. We take a holistic approach to virtualization by working across nearly all resource types, leveraging decades of mainframe experience, embracing resource diversity and integrating the virtual and physical worlds. Let us help you virtualize not only your broad physical infrastructure, but your application workloads and information as well.

Whether it's virtualization, IP telephony, or establishing a Linux based environment, IBM has strategic alliances with world-leading providers including Citrix Systems, Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Novell, and Red Hat.

Infrastructure solutions

IBM Secure Wireless Networking Solution for Cisco Systems

Wireless mobility holds much promise for midsize businesses. But many challenges exist. Network security concerns. Time-consuming implementation. IBM and Cisco Systems offer a simpler solution. A security-rich, wireless infrastructure with turnkey implementation. At a more affordable price for smaller businesses.

Networked and sensor-enabled surveillance from IBM and Cisco

Provide greater public security in buildings, schools or patrol areas using high-quality video with intelligence to alert security staff. IBM and Cisco have joined forces to offer institutions a fully-automated, cost-effective solution for rapid access to and retrieval of video content for mission-critical decision making.

Wireless campus for education from IBM and Cisco

IBM and Cisco offer a holistic, strategic approach to helping universities maximize the potential of wireless solutions. We can help you integrate wireless capabilities into your institution's current infrastructure to enhance your curricula and offer advanced services such as distance learning.

Wireless campus for healthcare from IBM and Cisco

IBM and Cisco offer a strategic approach to better, faster patient care in the office, at the hospital or virtually anywhere you treat patients. Our wireless campus solution for healthcare helps clinicians to access complete patient records to review medical histories, prescribe medications, track assets or check on lab tests at the point of care.

Workforce mobility for government from IBM and Cisco

Allow your government employees to work more productively in the field and respond to citizens' needs faster. Provide the tools they need to access information anywhere, anytime, reducing the necessity to travel back and forth to headquarters, and enabling more time for problem solving.

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