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Energy is an industry currently challenged with reinventing itself with the same speed and tenacity with which it has historically tackled exploration and discovery. From oil and gas and nuclear to hydro and wind, every sector is facing unprecedented economic and project pressures and information access and sharing challenges.

Innovation is no accident. Turning innovative ideas into market-leading products demands flexible business processes supported by integrated IBM and Dassault Systèmes solutions built on a strong technology foundation. These solutions serve to enable innovation by bringing people and processes together and providing them with the resources they need to innovate and meet demanding time and cost constraints. IBM understands how to make innovation drive profitability and growth.

We provide an entire business technology infrastructure - including middleware and systems - that is security-rich and scalable, allowing new business processes to be built and existing processes to be leveraged cost-effectively. IBM and Dassault Systèmes deliver advanced lifecycle and discipline level applications in the industry today, letting our client's business drive PLM - not the other way around.

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