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At the same time that the Automotive industry is facing the pressure to meet customer demands with new, innovative vehicles, a number of challenges impede progress. The global economic climate is unstable. 'Greener' product development pressures impact development as the industry aims to reduce it's global carbon footprint. Quality and innovation costs continue to rise. Supplier integration and collaboration complexity increase. The demands of global regulations continue to change.

IBM and Dassault Systèmes solutions can help you transform your business results by teaming with you on strategy, business process transformation and technology solution deployment to address these challenges and ensure success. By leveraging information across your enterprise, you can optimize business processes, and implement new revenue-generating initiatives. Solutions that help you manage design and production processes also enable you to get to market rapidly. And when you integrate your supplier community — from requirements definition through design and development to aftermarket—you can enhance innovation, satisfying both needs for high quality and regulatory compliance.

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