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Social Business Consulting & Solutions

Strategies, business processes and best practices to drive organizational change.

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Personalized experiences that cultivate strong customer relationships across channels, devices and time.

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eCommerce and Merchandising

Personalized commerce experiences across every channel with insights from every interaction on every device at every location.

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Social Collaboration & Digital Experience

An integrated set of tools that enable real-time knowledge–sharing, increased productivity and faster innovation.

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Talent Management

Evidence–based solutions to attract, motivate and retain talent that aligns with business priorities.

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Workforce Analytics

Actionable insights into the deluge of data shared every day by the people you work with.

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Predictive Business Intelligence

Broad analytics and behavioral science capabilities that turn customer data into valuable insights.

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Smarter Care & Social Programs

Solutions that support the economic, social and health needs of citizens.

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Securing Social Business

Holistic measures that address security vulnerabilities and proactively anticipate and respond to threats.

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Enterprise Content Management

A unified framework for all your social content management applications.

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B2B Integration

Secure and seamless support for multi–enterprise business processes.

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IBM Verse is a new way to work

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End the tyranny od the inbox with IBM Verse and Experience mail that understands you, With a user-centric design, task prioritization and seamless social and mobile capabilities, IBM Verse is more than email; it's a new way to work.

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