IBM Social Business

I need to create a more responsive, citizen-focused organization...

Promotes engagement and collaboration, improving transparency and trust.

Embrace a citizen-centric organization.

Social Business Consulting and Solutions

Strategies, business processes and best practices to drive organizational change.

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Waterfront Toronto

See how Waterfront Toronto created a platform to crowdsource information and analyze city-wide data.

Help your workforce communicate and streamline processes.

Smarter Care and Social Programs

Get a citizen-focused social platform that uses analytic tools to improve program outcomes.

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City of Fort Worth

Learn how the City of Fort Worth implemented collaboration tools to make emergency responders more effective.

Enhance transparency and connect employees with better social strategies.

Social Collaboration

An integrated set of tools that enable real-time knowledge sharing, increased productivity and faster innovation.

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Australian Bureau of Statistics

See how the Australian Bureau of Statistics generated insights by connecting its employees.

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