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A new take on international trade

"One of the biggest challenges of international trade is the inability to effectively identify and engage with new partners on a global scale."

Constantinos Vousvounis, General Manager, Group Corporate and Investment Banking

The business need

With more than 1,000 branches in seven countries, Eurobank wanted to maintain its leadership position and address growing customer demand for new online trading and transactions services. Eurobank turned to IBM to develop Exportgate, a cloud–based digital experience capable of strengthening online multilateral trade between Greek businesses and their international counterparts across 180 countries.

"By partnering with IBM, members now have access to a cloud–based digital experience that helps them easily identify and expand their network of trusted partners while minimizing costs and accelerating growth into new markets," said Constantinos Vousvounis, General Manager, Group Corporate and Investment Banking.


The solution

Using IBM's industry–leading Digital Experience software, with advanced cloud capabilities and social offerings, Eurobank is uniting exporters and importers from around the globe to enhance international trade operations and increase transactions. It's the first cloud–based digital platform for online international commercial trading.

Exportgate offers user–friendly social tools and resources for industry analysis, international buyers can easily access profiles of Greek sellers, contact them through the direct message feature, view virtual presentations, and participate in forums where they can exchange ideas, research and more. As a result, Exportgate helps accelerate the exchange of goods and services by uncovering ideal trade partnership opportunities and then simplifying the transaction process between Greek exporting businesses and their global counterparts.

The benefit

Exportgate members now have access to collective and updated directories of over 1,400 Greek exporters and more than 6,500 international trading companies. Today, Exportgate ranks among the most prominent and established International Trade Portals, with the majority of visitors—over 60 percent—originating from countries such as the UK, Italy, France, Germany and Russia.

To date the site has generated more than 485,000 visits, 1,348,102 portal page views, over 8,000 e–library member visits and more than 2,300 partnerships and connections among International companies.

Highly engaged employees are


less likely to leave their organizations than highly disengaged employees

Corporate Leadership Council, 2004

About Eurobank

Eurobank, one of the largest banks in Greece, has 20,000 employees and a retail network of more than 1,100 branches in Greece and in seven other countries. The bank's employees provide customized services that support client efforts to effectively meet financial challenges.

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