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Leading the marketplaceIDC ranks IBM #1 in enterprise social software for the 5th consecutive year.
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Social Business

Leading the marketplace

Social Business

Moments matterAnnouncements, presentations and video from the successful 2014 Smarter Commerce Global Summit.
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Social Business

Moments matter

Social Business

Over the next few weeks,see how IBM can help you improve productivity, empower teams, build trust and be more creative.
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Social Business

Over the next few weeks,

Win in your marketplace.
Become a social business.

Businesses move from liking to leading when they look beyond social media to see how social technologies drive real business value. From marketing and sales to product and service innovation, social is changing the way people connect and the way organisations succeed.

There's a better way of doing businessThere's a better way of doing business

Why social business works

When you inspire your workforce to innovate and collaborate more productively, you create tangible business value. When you anticipate needs and deliver exceptional experiences, you delight your customers and create advocates. When you integrate your business processes with the right social tools, you secure a competitive advantage and pioneer new ways of doing business.

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    Social Media Week

    Multi-city event on the social, cultural and economic impacts of social media.
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