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Maintenance, repair and overhaul for aviation

The challenge

How many aviation assets do you manage?

Managing complex, high-technology assets, such as aircraft and missile and defense systems, has become increasingly complex due to advances in technology, changes in business processes, increased safety and security, heightened competition and rising costs. Maximizing the availability, reliability and performance of assets and asset-based services is more critical to success than ever before.

Today, engineering and maintenance leaders must make immediate and strategic decisions, requiring effective data analysis capabilities and reporting. They also need to get maintenance, repair and overhaul information into the hands of maintenance technicians and storeroom personnel rapidly.


The solution

Improve the reliability and availability of assets

The core of our maintenance, repair and overhaul solution for aviation is IBM® Maximo® Asset Configuration Manager, which allows organizations to better support their unique processes within engineering maintenance programs, line maintenance, airframe, engine and component maintenance, and outsourced service management. The solution helps companies meet the stringent requirements of regulatory bodies, while adhering to industry standards. Best practices built into the solution can help:

This solution can enable you to manage asset configuration, component life accounting and equipment operational status, which are critical to the success of an operation. You can better manage assets through the maintenance and overhaul process, and more accurately track the current status of historical changes to the configuration of assets and their components. As a result, maintenance and engineering gain an automated asset life-cycle management capability that helps provide a real-time calculation of both an asset's build—from install and remove transactions—and a component's life—from install and remove and usage transactions—including the real-time application of cycle formulas.


The benefits

Track and manage assets—from a single system

IBM delivers a maintenance, repair and overhaul solution that provides key capabilities designed to help optimize your critical assets. The solution offers:


The specifics

Best-in-class processes and components

Built entirely on a Java™ 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE™) component—based Internet architecture, the maintenance, repair and overhaul solution integrates easily into most existing business systems. Its service oriented architecture (SOA) is truly open to better enable integration with enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, performance monitoring, supply chain management and many more applications. This exceptional level of flexibility can help you configure the solution to match your key business requirements. No matter the size of your organization or the number of sites, the maintenance, repair and overhaul solution helps you manage your unique business processes relating to asset and service management with agility.

Additionally, the flexibility of the underlying technologies within the solution makes it easier to tailor without programming, allowing you to work the way you want to work. Its SOA also helps streamline the upgrading process, so you can avoid being locked in from one application release to another.



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