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Smarter products

When people communicate they can work together more efficiently. The same is true for products. By infusing intelligence into everyday objects and connecting them to networks, we empower them to do things that products working in isolation cannot. They interact in new ways. They evolve with us.

They use less energy. They can even make us healthier. IBM experts in software-driven innovation are collaborating with leaders in a range of industries—from power companies, to automakers, to health care providers—to add smart capabilities to the things we use every day.

Working together, we're building a smarter planet, one thing at a time.

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Smart Product modeling reduced development time for new product lines by 60% (from five months to two months)


Start a conversation with an IBMer

These three IBM experts are committed to making the planet smarter across their respective fields. If you want to know more about what their work means to you and your business, send them an email and start a conversation. Together, we can build a smarter planet.

Smarter Products

Meg Selfe
Vice President, Complex & Embedded Systems

Data Security

Jack Danahy

Jack Danahy
Worldwide Security Executive / Rational


Paul Chang

Paul Chang
Program Director, WW industry solutions