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IBM Media Enterprise Framework

The challenge

Are you equipped to meet the increasing demands of the modern customer?

As media content grows, so do customer’s expectations. Modern customers want to access content at any time, on any device, from anywhere. But, many media companies are hindered by technology and workflows that were optimized for content that was created for a broad audience and prepared for a single distribution channel. While this approach propelled the early stages of Internet media, many firms are left with siloed and inflexible systems that are costly to maintain and difficult to change.


The solution

Transform your business without starting at ground zero

Through a combination of hardware, software and service offerings, IBM provides a rich portfolio of solutions to help media and entertainment companies across the lifecycle of content creation, delivery and promotion without having to rip and replace existing technology investments. These offerings are based on the IBM Media Enterprise Framework, a standards-based software platform that offers proven software solutions, best practices and guiding principles. By allowing media companies to connect assets and services efficiently—both inside and outside the organization—the framework helps media organizations transform the development, distribution and marketing of content to an increasingly mobile and interconnected audience.
The framework provides the tools to aggregate and analyze data and information across business areas to gain insights that can improve day-to-day operational efficiency and drive business transformation. These insights can also differentiate the customer experience through the delivery of innovative, interactive, personalized offerings.


The benefits

Integrate information and processes so you can respond quickly

The Media Enterprise Framework delivers solutions that address the challenges of five business domains unique to the media and entertainment industry: content production, distribution, sales and service, marketing and business systems. The framework includes documented implementation approaches based on successful projects that IBM has executed across all major media and entertainment segments—film, entertainment, publishing, information providers, media networks, sports and advertising. By connecting information and processes throughout the organization, the framework can help you:


The specifics

IBM software, best practices and experience yield reliable and effective solutions

The Media Enterprise Framework incorporates five core software capabilities required by almost every media and entertainment company: