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Customer order fulfillment

The challenge

21st century order fulfillment

Rapidly diversifying market segments, new devices and new mediums for content delivery can make it difficult to distinguish yourself from other media providers. And today’s technically sophisticated customers who can access, consume and pay for content almost anywhere, at anytime, and on any device mean organizations must meet ever-heightening expectations for service. Meeting these challenges requires an increasingly more sophisticated customer value strategy.


The solution

Engaging the connected consumer

Every new audience segment and content form created by advances in technology or increasingly savvy customer base creates an opportunity to reach that customer on their own unique terms. The customer order fulfillment solution for media and entertainment, part of the IBM integrated portfolio for Smarter Commerce, unites diverse processes to create a seamless whole, providing insights to help improve internal processes and develop sophisticated product offers.

Automated processes and analysis of customer data gathered from online interactions, store transactions, kiosks as well as from partners allow you to deliver sophisticated offers that truly speak to your customer’s needs and wants. By uniting multiple order capture channels in a single ordering hub, the solution creates a seamless ordering experience while simplifying administration and maintenance. All order information and activity is held in a single repository to be accessed by authorized users. The ability to offer the “order from anywhere, fulfill from anywhere and return to anywhere” service creates a unique experience that offers true value to your customers.


The benefits

Delivering exemplary service

The customer order fulfillment solution helps media companies accurately and efficiently manage the delivery of orders for any type of product or request across a diverse set of fulfillment systems and processes. The solution can help you:


The specifics

A smarter approach to customer fulfillment

The customer order fulfillment solution is designed to help media companies better integrate delivery processes and more effectively manage marketing, selling and service activities across the organization and with partners. With optimized, rules-based order promising and scheduling, inventory and resources are appropriately allocated from any internal or external source to meet the conditions of the order and the requirements of your business. Flexible business process definitions and adaptable fulfillment models allow the solution to enable customized, line-level order fulfillment across multiple supply chain participants. It decomposes orders into unique “units of work” for fulfillment, whether it’s inventory movement or coordination of delivery and on-site services.

The solution delivers capabilities to hide the cross-channel complexities while enabling a unified customer experience. Key capabilities include: