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Solutions for more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent systems

Business Transformation

Lower the cost of content acquisition, management and distribution, while delivering your content over an increasing number of channels and devices. Introduce new products and services quickly and cost effectively. From workflow to process management to analytics, you'll find best of breed solutions and services to transform your business.

Smarter Commerce for media and entertainment

IBM has assembled a portfolio of technologies and services that help maximize the insight generated through customer interactions; capitalize on social and mobile commerce; synchronize your entire value chain to deliver consistent and predictable outcomes; and improve collaboration and visibility for your customers and partners.

Media Enterprise Framework

Smarter software is the muscle behind IBM solutions for the media and entertainment industry. IBM provides software so media and entertainment companies can build an agile digital supply chain to quickly bring new products to market, meet the increasing demands of the digitally-savvy customer, and pursue cost savings and new revenue opportunities.

Smarter Computing

The media and entertainment industry is rapidly migrating production workflows from analogue to file-based media. Capturing and processing the growing volumes of digital content using videotape and removable media can be expensive, slow and difficult to transport across systems and platforms. Storage solutions are getting smarter, with solutions that include linear tape file, business process management and remote caching servers.